The Cabin in the Woods

Nothing says ‘winter’ like a cosy, snowy cabin in the woods. Designer William Exley knew this when he created the logo for the Brokedown Palace, a cabin lifestyle store specialising in rustic yet elegant products. The Brokedown Palace dubs itself a “lifestyle” shop because it goes above and beyond selling your basic camping gear (sorry – no simple tents and sleeping bags here). Instead, it focuses on the style associated with the outdoors – think fashionable warm blankets, handcrafted wooden pieces, and plenty of mountain-chic plaid.

Gift-wrapping with a Conscience

Founders Dee Dee O’Connell and Ian E. make sure to address the ethics behind ‘cabin life’ – mainly by helping preserve it through the use of eco-friendly products and packaging. For example, they keep their stock in a unit powered by 100% renewable energy and the exterior of their shop is made from responsibly grown and harvested Swedish pine. You can find out even more about their store’s practices on their site.

When it comes to online orders, the Brokedown Palace includes their MOO Green Business Cards with each package -. the idea is to help brand their customers’ experiences while still remaining true to their ethics. This has come in especially handy at Christmas, when orders upon orders are made online. Add in the option for free gift-wrapping with recycled cardboard boxes and recycled, unbleached tissue paper, and you have an extra green gift for your eco-conscious friends.

Personality with Every Package

The Brokedown Palace went on to use MOO Original Postcards to create customisable notes for the lucky gift recipient. You enter your message online and Dee Dee’s team handwrites it verbatim. In other words, you never have to worry about an online order coming off as impersonal. Each Postcard features an illustration created by their designer, William - a Christmas-inspired graphic with their signature snowy cabin. They even used custom-designed MOO Stickers to create return labels in case the gift doesn’t work out.

The Brokedown Palace’s presentation manages to stay true to its beliefs with eco-friendly Business Cards and packaging, as well as its aesthetic with uniquely designed Stickers and Postcards.  The result? A truly memorable experience for their customers, no matter the season. Really, what could be better?

Want to take a tip from the Brokedown Palace? See how MOO Business Cards, Postcards and Stickers can help you gift-wrap your holiday presents!

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Business Card Ideas, Illustration, Stickers, Postcards
  • The Brokedown Palace
  • The Brokedown Palace
  • The Brokedown Palace
  • The Brokedown Palace

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