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Barnaby Carder, creator of ‘The Green Wood Guild’ on how he is transforming spoon carving into a whittlers wonderland.

I am a spoon carver, I've got a little shop on Hackney Rd. in the East end of London where I make and sell wooden spoons 5 days a week. I've also been busy setting up a little woodwork school "The Green Wood Guild" over the last couple of years.

We love how you’ve used Flyers for The Green Wood Guild’s gift vouchers. How important is brand identity to you?

The brand has evolved alongside the business, as the business has grown a more professional and recognisable brand has become useful. It's a quick way to communicate what we offer. When you run a business you know it inside out and have a clear idea of why it exists and what is brilliant about it, graphics whether it be on a website, shop front or Flyer are crucial to try to communicate that to customers.

How about the future?

Personally I am very excited about all the spoons there are still to make, and The Green Wood Guild has several new classes on the Horizon, Including chair making and a new evening class "Whittlers Anonymous".

Written on:
26 Oct 2015
Flyers, Postcards, Illustrator
  • Flyers by The Green Wood Guild
  • Flyers by The Green Wood Guild
  • Flyers by The Green Wood Guild

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