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Australian writer and artist Kass Hall has a real creative streak and loves to express herself through a mix of words and images. “I’m inspired by colour mainly, but I like to include a lot of text in my work - the writer in me struggles without words,” says Kass, who’s based in Melbourne, but travels frequently. “I found art journaling (a creative way of capturing emotions using language and images) through blogs in the mid-2000s. My visual diaries were always my strongest work at college, so it made sense to keep working that way. I find the process really stimulating, in fact I enjoy it more than the end result!”

Beyond her own work, Kass is a big believer in self-expression through art. She’s written two books on ‘zentangling’ (creating beautiful, structured designs using repetitive patterns) and loves to share her artistic passions with friends and students around the world.

Pocket-sized artwork

As you might expect, Kass’s MOO Business Cards are a riot of colour, strong imagery and inspirational messages. With so many pieces in her portfolio, she was delighted to find that Printfinity enabled her to feature a selection of her visual journal pages on the back on each card. “People love looking through my journals so it made sense to use them on my Business Cards. Potential customers are much more likely to keep a card if they consider it a work of art,” she says.

As Kass has discovered, people enjoy flicking through the pack and choosing between the different cards. It keeps the conversation going, and gives her the chance to tell potential customers more about her business. Thanks to this personal interaction, she finds people remember her long after the meeting, especially when they get that little piece of art out of their pocket.

When it came to her branding, Kass decided to keep it simple. “As artists we grow, develop and things change - it was important that my logo and website design reflected that. My branding has definitely matured with me and will continue to do so.”

Kass in the future

So what’s next for this Australian artist and teacher? She’s currently traveling and giving classes in the United States and hopes to return again next year. She’s been overwhelmed by the support for her books, so has been starting to think about a third volume. And she’d also love to license her designs. With so many opportunities, and so many irons in the fire, as Kass herself says, the sky really is the limit!

If you’d like to express yourself through your Business Cards like Kass, why not create some eye-catching cards to hand out at your next meeting?

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
Business Card Ideas, Printfinity
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  • Kass Hall
  • Kass Hall
  • Kass Hall
  • Kass Hall

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