Meet Susan Wai

What happens when an artistic graphic designer gets married? Some pretty incredible invitations, that’s what – like these beautiful Postcards from Susan Wai.

Susan tells us “When I knew I was getting married to Dave (basically after he proposed) and being a graphic designer, I knew I wanted to design my own Wedding invites. I wanted to do something a little different to the traditional invitations and more importantly, something that reflected both our personalities.”

Joint venture

“We both love traveling, seeing different cities and photography is another big love of mine. Over the past four years we have collected a lot of memories through photographs we have taken in different places. Using some of our favourite photos from five different cities, these created "scenes" for the front of each postcard and various old photos of Dave and I when we were kids were used to complete the front of the cards. In total there were fifteen designs. I picked out a favourite portrait of Dave and I (as adults) and had a customised rubber stamp created and used this on the reverse side of the pre-printed MOO postcard.”

A card for every occasion

When it came to picking her paper, Susan knew exactly what she wanted. “Postcards were an obvious choice for the main invitation and RSVP card. It allowed me to use design/photography and illustration, in a fun way, to share with other people "snapshots" of moments/places that are special to us both as well as to announce that we were getting married.” But why just use a Postcard when there’s so many other sizes The Invitation consisted of two cards and guests were asked to send back the RSVP card or alternatively reply via email so they could keep the cards as a memento.

“The RSVP for evening invitations were designed as MOO Business Cards where we had our contact details for guest to RSVP. These were attached to the main invite postcard like a tag.” Nice work, team Susan!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Business Cards, Design, Photography, Wedding
  • Wedding invites
  • Wedding invites
  • Wedding invites

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