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Fine lines

We asked Katie Munro about her work, “I studied fashion and textile design in Edinburgh, so my work has a key focus on fashion illustration. I’ve always been fascinated by people watching and translating stories and emotions. I work in very fine pencil “realism” and love playing with contrasting block colours and graphics; like playing with the line between reality and the abstract.

On the challenges of freelance working, Katie said “For me, one of the hardest parts of freelance illustration is trying to attack the marketing aspects. Now I always carry a handful of business cards with me; a selection in my wallet and the handy little MOO box in my bag. I hand them out to anyone I get chatting to about my work.”

And it’s not just our Rounded Corner Business Cards she likes, “I also have a collection of Postcards, which I use to write little thank you notes with my Etsy orders. I also leave them in little boutiques and bars around where I live.”

We love her look.

We just love what she’s done with our Rounded Corner Business Cards. “I love the Rounded Corners, because I feel it lends itself to both the playful and the more elegant side of my illustrations. The quality from MOO is excellent and I think when you work in the arts industry it’s really important to make a strong first impression with a striking card. I feel like it imparts trust to potential clients. It’s those kinds of details that really set you apart.”

Written on:
01 Oct 2015
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  • Katie Munro
  • Katie Munro
  • Katie Munro
  • Katie Munro
  • Katie Munro
  • Katie Munro

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