The Longest Shortest Time

Author and radio producer, Hillary Frank began The Longest Shortest Time podcast and blog just after having her first child. The experience was unlike anything she’d read or prepared for and it inspired her to create a “real talk” platform for parents to share their unanticipated struggles together. Now, gearing up for her show’s second season, Hillary is finding new methods to open up dialogue about parenthood.

“ *Spark*cards are designed to do just what they sound like – spark conversation between new parents,” says Hillary. Each card features a quote from someone she interviewed during season one of her podcasts, and is meant to be a conversational springboard for parents experiencing similar challenges.

Hillary used Luxe Business Cards for her project and took advantage of the middle seam of color to indicate quotes about baby boys (blue) vs. quotes about baby girls (red). Each set of cards is delivered to their recipient with a Luxe Notecard featuring instructions for how they work.

From tuning in to speaking up

Hillary’s podcast is relevant for all parents but it is especially poignant with first timers – ones facing all the same fussy eating, crying, and swaddling challenges but without the prior experience. Stories range from a child who seemingly hates lullabies to one who refuses to wear clothes in public (“The Emperor’s New Onesie”), plus plenty of napping and potty-training debacles. *Spark* cards are designed to help parents become more than just passive listeners to these stories, and actually engage in the dialogue within their own communities (day-care centres, Mommy & Me classes, birthing classes – anywhere, where mums and dads meet up).

Hillary has also made sure that her spark cards are available free. If you’re interested, you can use this simple form to order your pack - they’ll be delivered directly to your door.

Want to spark a conversation in your community? Find out if our Luxe Business Cards can help.

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Business Card Ideas, Illustration
  • Longest Shortest Time
  • The Longest Shortest Time
  • The Longest Shortest Time
  • The Longest Shortest Time

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