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Skull Patrol


No matter how fearsome these creatures may appear to be at first glance - those skulls are a worry - they're also a bunch of cute kids with bad attitudes. A MiniCard set for the little monsters in your life.

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Most little boys (and a decent proportion of little girls) will have imagined themselves to be a creature not unlike one of these four, at some point in their lives - a mutant on a pile of skulls, a big elephant-face stamping on a spider, a cat-headed thing on a huge 8-ball. Use these MiniCards as a rallying cry, should you wish to gather the gang together for a party. Bring your own toxic waste.

About the designer

Armed with a silly name unfit for international exposure and creative powers bought from a Russian mail order catalogue, Bard Hole Standal is a Norwegian designer and illustrator whose work has been featured in numerous design books, exhibitions, festivals and other creative projects around the world. Bard currently lives in Oslo where he works as an art director by day and an illustration maniac by night.

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