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Green Petals


This enchanting colour co-ordinated set carries with it the promise of an abundant spring, thanks to it's simple petal design, repeated in delightfully verdant tones - from deep olive to zesty yellow.

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If you need to deliver an message that is fresh, full of potential, a budding business taking its first steps into the world - or indeed an established gardening or landscaping business with firm roots this is the design for you. It's a newly-minted, abundantly fertile kind of MiniCard, giving your friends and business contacts the clear message that you're reaching a little bit closer to the sun with every passing day.

About the designer

COLOURLovers is a website run by Darius A Monsef IV. Visitors can find, rate, review and love colours in a mass of different variations. For MOO, they've created juicy stripes, in pure colours that look yummy at any size.

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