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The things you need to know about your brand new platform:

1. Why the change? (And what’s changed exactly?)

We spoke to a lot of our customers, and realised there was still so much more we could do to make ordering from MOO as simple as possible. So we built a whole new platform that makes the process easier and quicker, allowing you to create multiple packs of cards in just a few clicks. We’ve added a ‘Your Packs’ section where you can find every pack you’ve ever created, as well as search, filter and sort tools to make it easier to get straight to the ones you need. We’ve also added a new feature to let you move multiple packs into the cart at once, saving you time when ordering in bulk. Finally, we created a whole new ‘People’ section, so you can see, at a glance, all the people that have been given access to your account.

2. What will happen to my order history when I’m switched over?

Once you’re switched over to the new platform, we’ll migrate all your previously ordered packs of Business Cards and MiniCards. The new platform will now allow you to easily search for and re-order packs whenever you need. Previously ordered packs are now located in the ‘Your Packs’ section of the site. If you need to order new packs, simply hit the ‘Create new packs’ button.

3. How will I know if I've been migrated?

When you log in to Your Account after you've been migrated, you'll see a new section at the top of the page with a big 'Go to dashboard' button. Click this, and you'll be taken straight through to your business account area, where you can start using all the new tools.

4. Will I be given training on the new platform?

The first time you log in, you’ll be shown a tour explaining each area of the platform. If you need to see the tour again, you can restart it from the ‘Help’ section. Or, feel free just to click around and explore. If you get stuck at all, you can contact our Customer Success Team on 020 8629 1072.

5. Will any of my details change?

No, your login details will remain exactly the same as they’ve always been, and we’ll make sure you still have access to any saved credit cards, and addresses.

6. Will I be able to order all my company stationery through the new platform?

Right now, the site has been built to help you easily order your company Business Cards, Square Business Cards and MiniCards. But rest assured, we’re working on a way to get all your company templates and packs in one place, so watch this space.

7. How will I access the new platform?

Once you’ve been switched over, you’ll see a new section appear in the Your Account section of, where you’d normally go to create and re-order cards. If you click the ‘Take me to my dashboard’ button, you’ll be taken straight to the new platform.

Any further questions?

Contact the Customer Success Team on 020 8629 1027, and they’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have about the new platform.