How to nurture a productive team

Here are a few tips to nurture your team.

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What makes a strong team? Having skilled people who know their stuff obviously helps. But – it’s also about keeping those people motivated, productive and weirdly cheerful on a Monday morning. So how do you make that happen? Start with these tips on how to nurture your team and foster a nurturing team culture.

Embrace wellness

“Corporate wellness” might sound a bit woolly, but it’s just about keeping everyone happy at work – through activities, programs and policies. It started in the 1950s and it’s now, as you can imagine, huge. And much of it is pretty simple – things you can do right now. Okay, right after those meetings. 

Start with simple things. Like a lunchtime exercise class, ideally outside if you can. You can always call in a pilates professional if you want to. And if you decide to give everyone their very own branded Water Bottle while you’re all there, go for it. 

And it’s not all about turning the office into a gym. Crafting classes and quizzes can help bond everyone, especially new starters. You could even add a round of Drawasaurus into the mix. Nurturing team members through such activities can foster a positive work environment.

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Rethink the workspace

Even if what you do isn’t creative with a capital C, everyone basically wants a “nice” place to work. What may have started at ad agencies and startups – squishy couches, places to chill – is now common in more suit-and-tie-type workplaces, too. Just because you’re an accountant, doesn’t mean you love the privacy screen aesthetic.

When we moved the MOO HQ in 2022, we brought in expert help from Trifle Creative, an interior specialist. They helped us create a space that people actually wanted to travel to. Their approach was human-centric, a place designed for people. A response to the not-very-surprising statistic that 87% of workers want their employees to provide wellness rooms, standing desks and ergonomic seating. By rethinking the workspace, you can nurture teams effectively by creating an environment that supports their well-being.

Be thankful

Okay, this next tip requires no expensive armchairs. It’s about how appreciation of a job well done can get lost. Forgotten about in spam folders and overflowing inboxes. Scrolled past in #feedback Slack channels. Because in a digital world, the words “thank you” have lost their power. Too easily whacked on the end of an email or as an emoji. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you really want to show how much you appreciate something, and aren’t just being polite, think physical. Like an extra-thick Luxe Notecard with a handwritten message delivered on someone’s desk. Or a Greeting Card to show your support at the end of the year. Much more likely to get noticed. This approach to nurturing team members through personal appreciation can significantly boost morale.

A thank you card can help nurture your team.

Make everyone feel welcome

What’s your onboarding process like? That first day is full of essential info (and those VPN details WILL be useful) but it shouldn’t just be data dumps and meet-and-greets. It’s also a time for unboxings and what might collectively be called “lovely things”. We’re talking beautiful business stationery, here. 

Obviously, there are the things you might expect. A set of crisp Business Cards, say. A Letterhead that officially welcomes them aboard. But think outside the office, too. Like a Postcard featuring all the best local places to eat. Then wrap it all up like a gift, and you’ve got yourself a proper welcome pack.This thoughtful onboarding process can greatly enhance the ability to nurture and foster teamwork from the very start.

Branded Welcome Pack.

Need help creating your own welcome pack? Or wondering how to nurture your team? We are here to help make it happen. And with a MOO Business plan, we’ll even do the designing for you. Just get in touch – complete the form below.

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