3 myths about Business Cards, busted

We tackle a few of the biggest Business Card myths straight on.

A selection of vibrant Business Card designs printed by MOO

Business Cards were invented half a millennium ago, so it’s not surprising that a few myths have sprung up about them. And since we’ve been printing them since 2006 (and, with your help, reinventing them) we thought we’d tackle a few of the biggest ones straight on.

Okay, bring on the mythical misconceptions…

1. “No one uses Business Cards anymore”

Google this phrase and you’ll find it pops up every few months, with references going back decades (and probably pre-Google, too). It often comes up when there’s a big change in technology or society. Like in the late 90s, when people thought the internet would mean the end of Business Cards, but it didn’t. Or when the Covid pandemic hit, surely that would be the end of Business Cards? Turns out, also no. 

So who does use Business Cards these days? Well, pretty much any brand you can think of. From independent coffee shops to global giants like Netflix and Airbnb. Decidedly modern brands. Because Business Cards might have been around for hundreds of years, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about them. And there’s still no better way to network. 

2. “Business Cards are boring”

A set of Luxe Business Cards with a bright orange seam, printed for a premium brand

Maybe this is an image thing. Something to do with the connotations of the word “business”. Maybe. But when we think of Business Cards, we picture a blank rectangle – a blank rectangle that’s full of possibility. Not just a transactional way to swap details (though good at that, too), but an expression of what you’re about. Everything you love about your brand in one pocket-sized card.

And you can do what you like with them. Swap out the phone number for a joke. Add some texture. Dip them in gold. Indulge your fluorescent side. Turn them into a photo album. Do whatever it takes to get people thinking about your business. It’s what MOO customers have been doing since 2006, always rethinking what a Business Card is. Something that’s always square but never boring. 

3. “Everything’s online now”

Okay, this one is kind of true. Everything really is online: news, music, friendship… and the implication is: “So why aren’t Business Cards?” But Business Cards are successful because they’re extremely offline. The simplicity. The tactility. They offer the kind of interaction that’s becoming rarer and more sought after. And today’s brands are really embracing that. 

And it’s not just about networking. The versatility of that small space allows you to bring your brand’s personality into other physical spaces. From a loyalty card stamp at the sales desk to a lanyard at an event – or helping make the unboxing experience more memorable. Because life’s still pretty analog, and Business Cards let your brand be part of it. 

Still believing the myths? Then see for yourself what MOO Business Cards are all about. With a range of papers and finishes that let your brand do its thing. Or check out some inspiration for your own designs. 

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