Who’s the best business card maker?

With a little help from MOO, it could be you.

Business Cards being held by employee.

The obvious answer is, it’s MOO. As we only use the best quality papers and make sure everything’s printed perfectly. But when it comes to actually designing the best Business Cards, maybe it’s you. Because our tools and templates let you create something amazing in no time (ideal for busy businesses). And if you need some extra support, our in-house designers will help you create something that showcases your brand beautifully. 

Do it yourself

At moo.com, you’ll find all the tools you need to create a set of great-looking Business Cards. The quickest way? Probably using our editable templates. These have each been created by a MOO designer, so it’s hard to go wrong with them. And they’re really easy to customize. Just swap out the placeholder text and images for your own, or use them as a starting point for something totally unique

With our templates you can make the best Business Cards for you and your business.

You can also use our own design tool. It’s really easy to get started with it, even if you’ve never used an image editing app before. Just pick your font, add your images, and position everything where you want it. It can’t do anything too complicated, but the focus is on creating something quickly. It’s perfect if you’ve got a simpler design in mind, and don’t want to feel limited by a template. 

But if you want total creative freedom, uploading is the way to go. This does require some basic knowledge of image formats and printing terms, but nothing you can’t quickly learn on the job. (You’ll also find a load of handy tips to guide you through the process.) And if you’re a business with its own design team – or you’ve hired someone for the job – this is almost certainly the way to go. 

Get us to help you

Of course, not everyone can design their own Business Cards. Especially if you’re a smaller company without an in-house time team (or a bigger one with an already-very-busy design team). That’s where our own designers can help. With a MOO Boost, Advanced or Reseller plan, they’ll help you create a design from scratch. And they’ll use elements of your branding, like your logo and colors, to create something special and recognizably “you”. 

With out Business Plans you can get help to design your Business Cards.

And they’re always up for collaboration. So not only will they make sure you’re 100% happy with a design, they can also work with you as a creative partner. Ideal if you’ve got a specific idea in mind and want to see it brought to life. Or you know the general direction you want to go in, but need some help developing it. Together you might hit upon something unexpected and brilliant. 

They’ll also help with the technical stuff, too. All those little details specific to print, like bleed, safe areas and the mysteries of CMYK. So if you’re a designer who’s used to working digitally, they’ll help you make that transition to print. So the real thing looks exactly as you intended, with perfect blacks and no lost edges. And with a MOO business plan, they’re always just a call away. 

Business Cards and Display Boxes.

Of course, it’s all about the results. And with MOO, whether you’re using our templates, getting help from our team or doing it all yourself – those cards are going to look (and feel) fantastic. So who’s the best Business Card maker? It’s you. It’s MOO. It’s us together.

Ready to get started? Whether you’re designing your own Business Cards or using our templates, you’ll find everything you need right here. And if you’d like some help from our pro designers (and learn more about our support plans) just fill in the form below. 

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