We asked AI to design some Business Cards

How does AI compare with human design? We put it to the test.

An AI designed business card for a community and fitness brand

How does AI compare with human design? We tested one generative tool and found a lot to like – plus some questionable typography skills.

The task was simple. Ask an industry-leading AI tool to design three different business cards – each based on a brand that we’ve created ourselves, so you can see the differences side by side. Would it create the kind of branding you fall in love with? Let’s see… 

1. Saturday Social

An AI business card design for a sports community brand.
AI’s design (left) vs our own (right)

What we asked for

“A sports community and fitness brand called Saturday Social in lime green”

What we got

Okay, so the first thing you notice are the words “sutayy socia”, which is not quite what we asked for, but let’s roll with it. It would certainly be easier to Google, and maybe that’s what it’s trying to tell us. If so, thanks, AI. 

But let’s focus on the actual design. And one thing it has nailed is the “sports” aspect. There’s a 70s soccer vibe to the whole thing which is pretty cool in a simple sort of way. If a little on the nose. But the whole thing’s missing a sense of character, somehow. It’s a bold, clear design but it’s not the most interesting. 

Our rating


2. Pampez

An AI business card design for a spa hotel.
AI’s design (left) vs our own (right)

What we asked for

“Branding for a spa hotel called Pampez in gold and navy”

What we got

Like with Saturday Social, something got lost in translation with the name. Is it… Pareze? That’s two thirds right, anyway. And arguably a better brand name than Sutayy Socia. But it does suggest that text is one of AI’s weaker points. And the letters themselves have that tell-tale blotchy look, making the “r” and “z” particularly hard to read.

Saying all that, “Pareze” feels like its own thing. Ignore the blobby typography and there’s an identity here. It’s even added a few graphical flourishes, like the leaves and stems that surround the logo. But it’s not as refined as the human version. You have to ask yourself: which spa would you stay at?

Our rating


3. Roama

An AI business card design for a travel adventure app.
AI’s design (left) vs our own (right)

What we asked for

“A travel and adventure app called Roama in beige and red, using bubble type and a leaf motif”

What we got

Our prompts on this one were more detailed, so the AI had more to go off. And the result is something closer to what we designed ourselves. Sure, it missed the “a” from Roama, but it’s still very readable. And turning the “o” into a leaf? We didn’t ask it to do that, it just did. Nice touch. Even if it does look a bit like a coffee bean. 

We’re less keen on the mixture of typefaces, but had that “m” matched the other letters, this one would have looked pretty convincing. Does it suggest a “travel and adventure app”? Maybe not, but with a few tweaks it doesn’t feel far off. 

Our rating


The verdict

What to take away from an experiment like this? For a start, any AI is only as good as the inputs you give it. Right now, you’ve got to think like a robot and meet them on their own terms – in their own language. In time, no doubt this will get better – just like chatbots are starting to sound more natural. And this will make it easier for anyone to quickly design something.

But in terms of creativity, AI is still no match for the human mind. And this may never change. Everything it does is based on what someone else has done. So it can make something look professional, but can it ever be original? That’s a lot harder to say.

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