Why print is like “focus mode” for your brand

Cut through the noise – how print can work wonders for your brand.

Various print products including postcards, flyers, envelopes and business card

That thing on phones where it mutes all your emails and websites so you can get some rest? Print’s been doing that since the beginning. And it can do wonders for your work and your brand…

Many (legitimately great) text editing apps have a thing called “focus mode”. This does away with all those complicated formatting menus and full screens the whole window – so you’re less tempted to go on Twitter. When you need to bash out a really long email, it works. 

A photo of two hardcover notebooks in green

Of course, there is a much simpler way to write without distractions. That’s with pen and paper. And it’s why we designed our Hardcover Notebook the way it is: Because of the special way it’s bound, not even the pages will flap about and distract you. It just lets you focus on your work. 

Both “focus modes” work, just for different things. But the nice thing about print is the way it creates a more intimate experience. It’s more tactile, textured and immediate. There’s no screen glare. And it’s why people don’t get excited about second hand ebook shops. (One reason, anyway.)

It’s the same with your brand. Online’s best for some things – quick reactions, transactional stuff, video. But when you need something more immediate, more experiential, away from distractions – print’s the way to go. Especially if your whole business is mainly offline. 

A selection of printed flyers advertising an abstract music festival.

Say you’re a restaurant. By using Flyers for menus, people can put away their phones and focus on the food. If you’re a big gallery, printing a map on a Postcard means visitors can enjoy the art without distractions. You get the idea – it’s about letting people enjoy the moment. 

It also means you’ve got more control over how your brand looks and feels. You can make things feel natural and paired back with a paper like Luxe. Or you can go the other way, with smooth, shiny Gold Foil. Either way, using great quality print shows your customers you care about them – you’re treating them to something special. 

And even if your business is basically 100% online, you can use print to create offline “touchpoints” for your brand. Maybe it’s just your Business Cards. Or a branded Perpetual Planner for your employees. It’s something people can hold on to – and keep on their desk. A nice, physical reminder of what you do.

A gold foil business card for a gallery brand

Ready to put the focus on your brand? Check out our (very much offline) range of print products here.

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