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A guide to holiday greetings for businesses

Level up your happy holidays messages to clients with our handy guide to business season greetings.

socially distancing reindeer Christmas cards for business

When you’re sending holiday greetings to your clients, taking a more personal approach to your messaging can do more for your business than just spread a little holiday happiness.

Sending a Greeting Card around the festive season is thoughtful and guarantees feel-good vibes, but it can also strengthen your working relationships, re-engage customers, or simply make partners feel valued. Everyone loves to receive a personalised message, especially when face-to-face meetings and end-of-year parties are less likely to bring people together in real life.

gold foil holiday card and custom printed products for businessesWondering what to write in a business holiday card? Level up your happy holidays messages to clients and partners with our handy guide to holiday greetings for businesses.

What to write in a business holiday card?

 1. A friendly hello

  • Great for: Suppliers and business service partners
  • Messaging: A friendly greeting to a valued partner
  • Looks like: A fun and informal design with minimal branding

A friendly business happy holidays message that builds relationships with stakeholders who you buy from or work with in partnership. There’s no promotional angle or sales opportunity with this type of card, so you can afford to go as jokey, playful and off-the-wall as you like.

Business benefit: Builds goodwill and positivity between you and the people your business depends on.

socially distancing reindeer Christmas cards for businesses

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2. Thanks for an awesome year

  • Great for: Repeat customers
  • Messaging: Thank you – let’s keep things going
  • Looks like: A branded design with a gratitude theme

A Greeting Card that expresses thanks for their business over the previous months and makes them feel valued. This holiday card message for clients recognises the relationship you’ve developed and expresses the hope that you’ll continue things in the same way.

Business benefit: Helps you cement a positive relationship and encourage repeat business.

holiday greetings to clients with holiday cards

3. Look what we’ve achieved

  • Great for: Partners, investors and employees
  • Messaging: We’re doing well, thanks to you
  • Looks like: A relatively formal design that emphasises professionalism and success

This card recaps how you made it through this year and acknowledges the support your business has received. If applicable, it can also indicate how your business has grown in value. The perfect holiday greetings for business partners and employees!

Business benefit: If you’re a company that has started up with investor help, or even if you’ve just received useful advice and mentorship, it’s always worth remembering and valuing your supporters – after all, they’re the ones who believed in you from the start.

Holiday postcards for businesses

4. Keeping in touch

  • Great for: Dormant clients
  • Messaging: Wishing you well this holiday season
  • Looks like: A branded design that doesn’t assume familiarity with your company

This type of card is an unobtrusive way to maintain contact with dormant customers who have not considered your offering recently. This holiday card message for clients that haven’t bought from you in a while gently reminds them who you are and what you have to offer. While it’s not the place for a sales message, it may be helpful to include a URL or company boilerplate on the back of the card so the recipient can refresh their memory of you.

Business benefit: A very effective season greetings message for businesses to attract returning customers! It encourages re-engagement with your brand, and could prompt a customer to come back to you after a dormant period.

Holiday cards to add in gift basket

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5. A twist on the familiar

  • Great for: Vendors and others who know you primarily through what you sell
  • Messaging: Happy holidays from the makers of [your product]
  • Looks like: A holiday-themed representation of your product or service

Looking for a fun holiday message to send to your clients? A brand-led/product-led card that plays on the familiar in a fun way. You could reproduce your product logo using a festive colour palette, photograph your range under a fir tree or depict a delivery truck being pulled by reindeer on a snowy road.

Business benefit: Builds your brand and adds a light-hearted, fun dimension to a working relationship. A nice way to elevate your happy holidays messages to clients.

season greetings design for businesses

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Now you know what to write in a business holiday card, it’s time to design your Postcards and Greeting Cards with MOO.

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