MOO x Olmo: why an indie film loves our Water Bottles 

We’re rolling out the red carpet for MOO Water Bottles.

Olmo Water Bottles.

When you’re making an independent movie in the middle of a desert, how do you keep your team motivated (and hydrated?)

Last year, MOO teamed up with the producers of Olmo – a beautiful coming-of-age story set in New Mexico in the 1970s – to create custom Water Bottles for the cast and crew.  

Eréndira, one of the movie’s producers, dropped by to tell us why MOO Water Bottles were game-changers on a busy film set – and why they make great gifts in the film industry.

A practical present, whatever the weather

Eréndira wanted to gift the cast and crew something that was useful. “It was important for us to give a gift that would actually help,” she says. And MOO Water Bottles turned out to be an essential piece of kit. 

While filming in New Mexico, the temperatures ranged in the extremities from 0-34℃. That’s where the Water Bottle’s smart double-walled design came into play. “If we were filming in the desert, our water would be cold. And when it was freezing, our coffee stayed warm,” continues Eréndira. She jokes that she could have given everyone hats, but Water Bottles are the best gifts because people love using them. 

Reducing waste on set 

Olmo Cast memeber sipping on MOO Water Bottle on set.

Eréndira hated all the single-use plastic water bottles used on movie sets and wanted to find a more earth-friendly option. MOO Water Bottles were one small way to make a positive difference. 

“As a producer, one of the ways to reduce waste is by using reusable water bottles on set. We gave all the cast and crew a MOO Water Bottle. We put water stations around the set and on basecamp.” She says she’ll never buy plastic water bottles again, and instead encourage everyone to refill their own bottle. “In every film I do, water bottles are the gifts I’ll give.”

A branded memento of the movie 

MOO's Water Bottle keeps water cold or hot for 24 hours.

One thing Eréndira loved about our award-winning Water Bottles is how easy they were to brand. The Olmo Water Bottle features the film’s colour palette and an illustrated cassette tape – a design that resonates with the cast and crew. “There’s a music station that’s very important in the film, and it represents a lot to everyone involved,” Eréndira explains. 

Every time they use their water bottle, they’ll remember the part they played in creating Olmo. “It’s a small present but something they will value and help them remember the film and the set positively.” 

A hugely practical piece of kit

Of course, a huge part of good design is how well a product actually works. Eréndira vouches for MOO Water Bottles’ flawless functionality. “I love how practical it is. It fits in the side pockets of my backpack. I honestly love it! I want one in each bag I have,” she laughs. “Sometimes you get water bottles that you can’t clean inside, but this one is really easy to wash.” Eréndira also points out that they’re really lightweight, which is exactly what you want when you’re lugging heavy film kit around. 

Drinkware you’ll take care of

Having a custom Water Bottle on set was a game changer for Olmo's producers.

MOO Water Bottles are intentionally made from the highest quality materials—one of the reasons why Erendira loved using hers on set so much. “My friend who’s a photographer saw my water bottle, and he was like, ‘Wow, this is such a great gift! How much did you pay?’” she laughs. Thanks to their premium materials, MOO Water Bottles look and feel expensive and Eréndira is confident that everyone will continue to use theirs from set to set.  

Promoting the movie 

One of the great things about branded water bottles is that they’re a neat promotional tool. The team at Olmo found that when people saw their water bottles they were curious, and it sparked intrigue about the movie. 

“People look at the water bottle and the design, and they ask about the film. It’s a definite conversation starter.” Eréndira sees gifting water bottles as a “win-win” situation – you’re staying hydrated, helping the planet, and promoting your movie with every sip.

Ready to let your ideas flow? 

Whether you’re an indie movie mogul or in a different industry entirely, our MOO Design Service Team can bring your branded water bottle designs to life.

And don’t just take our word for it. “Working with MOO was perfect,” says Eréndira. “It wasn’t at all time-consuming, and we were finished within a day. The team just got it!” 

Discover our full range of MOO Water Bottles. Or, fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your upcoming project. 

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