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MOO x Paul Armstrong: elevating events with branded merch

Take your presence to a whole other level – just like Paul Armstrong.

Hardcover Notebook, Twist Pen and Softcover Journal

Meet tech expert, international speaker, and TBD Group founder Paul Armstrong. (You might have already seen Paul around here as he spoke to us recently about scheduling tools in the workplace.)

He helps clients see around corners through his advisory services, intelligence products, and events. He writes ‘What Did Amazon Do This Week?’ and is a regular voice for the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, and CNN. Most importantly, he’s the author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’, which he turned into the annual TBD Conference six years ago. The event brings together people of all levels – from C-suite execs to start-up companies, brand managers, and politicians to pioneer smarter working solutions.

Most recently, Paul flipped the conference model on its head with the aptly named TBD+  member platform where members get to access TBD content, courses, and the international community all year round and not just one day a year. 

Paul at a conference.

MOO is a proud partner of the TBD conference, supplying Paul and his team with everything from Business Cards to Notebooks and branded pens (soon to be launched). We caught up with Paul to learn about the brilliant ways he’s using branded merchandise and how it helps him run successful, off-the-chain events.

Getting ahead of the game

Running an event the size and scale of the TBD conferences takes a hell of a lot of work. Whether it’s keeping the coffee flowing or having an emergency plan for the dreaded tech glitches, Paul juggles it all. And when it comes to planning, Paul advocates for good old-fashioned pen and paper. “Working with paper is essential to me – I need the space to capture all my thoughts. The extra room lets me stick in post-its. I like to view things and move things around,” Paul says.

Finding inspiration on the go

Paul's Notebook is key to keeping all his ideas organized.

Jotting things down on paper gives Paul the creative freedom to play around with ideas. Although he uses digital tools, he highlights the importance of the right analog tools. “When I’m thinking longer term, I just need to write stuff down in my Notebooks. That’s where I save all my ideas. They come with me wherever I go.” Notebooks are the best way to capture all your big ideas – whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Going against the grain

Paul had a unique goal for the TBD conference: “We created TBD to stand out against other conferences,” he says. “We wanted it to have its own look and feel and make sure people get and take a lot from it.” Paul teamed up with MOO to bring his vision to life, designing branded Notebooks. In 2024, he opted for a branded bundle of TBD pens and Notebooks. And with merch that looks as good as this, TBD is definitely an event to remember.

Quality that differentiates 

Branded Twist Pens and Notebooks.

Paul was all too aware of the soulless, low-value merch people give out. “Normally, you get something rubbish that someone’s slapped a logo onto, and they haven’t put much thought into it,” he observes. He wanted to invest in high-quality branded goods and looked to MOO for intentionally designed, premium products. “The Notebooks have been great, and they’ve really lasted. People have always seen the sort of quality of our merch and associated it with TBD.” It’s definitely all about (high) quality over quantity.

Keeping things sustainable

From the very beginning, Paul has been dedicated to ensuring the TBD Conference is as sustainable as possible, off-setting as they go. So far, TBD has planted over 20,000 trees and helped communities in need – from the UK to Madagascar and beyond. MOO products and print aligned with Paul’s sustainability ethos: “MOO is great for branded merchandise. It’s very high-quality and meant to last forever. It plays into our sustainability vision.”

“MOO is great for branded merchandise. It’s very high-quality and meant to last forever. It plays into our sustainability vision”

Fostering connection

When it comes to smart networking and facilitating meaningful connections, it’s all about doing things differently. “The space that you’re in can change the way people network. We do things in a round because there’s nowhere to hide. And we get speakers who aren’t afraid to get on stage and be asked hard questions.” 

Paul uses MOO merchandise to help spark conversation and ideas. “We try to use MOO products beyond their intended purpose,” explains Paul. “So, for example, with Square Postcards, we use them as table talkers with icebreakers.” Because when you think outside the box, that’s when the magic happens.

Need brilliant branded merch for your next big event? 

Paul Armstrong holding his branded Softcover Journal.

“MOO design services took my light-touch brief and turned it into branded Notebooks,” Paul says. “I knew they were going to do a good job. They gave me several different designs to choose from.  It really compliments the new TBD logo and looks great. And I was very interested in a branded bundle (TBD pens and Notebooks). We wanted something we could give as presents to our clients, because TBD is all about giving people options. The pens look fantastic! They’re an interesting design that fits well in a person’s hand.”

No matter what kind of trade show or conference you’re taking part in, we have the branded merch you’re looking for. Discover the full range. Or, fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your upcoming project. 

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