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The Kulkarni Law Firm, based in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in the pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices industry. Their clean and minimalistic business card design reflects the serious and professional tone of their law firm.

Making Partner

Partnering with a graphic designer, the Kulkarni Law Firm chose to emphasise and explore the deep red of their logo. Inspired by this red along with a palette of grays, their designer combined angular lines to create a bold, distinguished attitude; the core values of a good law firm.

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MOO makes it easy for professional firms such as Kulkarni to work with a creative and talented graphic designer. Every detail for using your own artwork can be found in our FAQs. MOO even provides a full set of templates for use in Photoshop and other graphics software packages.

  • Kulkarni Law uses MOO Business Cards to create a professional, sharp image

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