Fantasy Sports Portal is a fantasy sports news aggregation service that organises all fantasy news into one central location. FantasySP was "created by fantasy sports fans, for fantasy sports fans." Their aim is to revolutionise the way people access and keep up to date with player news. Their platform collects and organises fantasy news from top news sources, providing the most comprehensive fantasy sports news around.

Making fantasy, a reality

Their business cards, incorporating player silhouettes from five main sports, accurately conveying exactly what is their company does. The Fantasy Sports Portal revolves around the players. Therefore this was the most important thing to display on the cards. Their cards are vibrant, bright, and energetic.

Creating custom cards

After following MOO's comprehensive artwork guidelines, designs were prepared for each side of the card in Photoshop. Using PDFs, the FantasySP team were able to simply upload these files to MOO. Score!

  • Fantasy Sports Portal use printfinity to show various silhouettes of sports people

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