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Cozy Music is an independent all-digital record label distributed worldwide by IRIS Distribution. The business releases a mix of electronic and indie music and wanted business cards to reflect their modern eclectic style.

An ear for music, an eye for design

Using their original logo, Cozy took advantage of MOO’s ‘Printfinity’ technology, to create a visually interesting design. Cozy enlarged their logo to span over four business cards and, when arranged next to each other, they form one large image.

Creating custom cards

The Cozy Music site heavily features the ‘explosive’ Cozy logo, which Cozy chose to ‘explode’ over the back of four business cards (shown above). After creating each card design in Photoshop, Timothy uploaded the PDFs directly to to print his design across several cards.

  • Cozy Music spread their logo over 4 cards, creating an interesting way of presenting themselves

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