Here’s a designustrator

Tim Easley describes himself as a freelance designustrator based in London. Designustrator? You ask, Tim explains, “I know that doesn't sound like a real word, but it is” Whatever you say Tim! “My work mainly consists of design, illustration, and lettering for various clients around the known universe. Sometimes I work for clients in different dimensions.”

We asked him what he found the most challenging, he said “The biggest challenge I generally face is trying to find places to store all of my gold. Other than that, it's never easy starting a project. Staring at a blank piece of paper is always intimidating, no matter how much experience you have. A bit of doodling usually fixes that though.” Same here Tim! Apart from the gold thing...

Tim’s Cityville MiniCards are as quirky as he is and consists of a sequence of 40 interlocking buildings that connect perfectly. “The idea is that every time you receive a card you can add it to your city, and even colour them in if you so desire.”

Why MOO?

On using MOO products, Tim explains why he keeps running back to us, “To be honest I have a crush on Little MOO, the robot that e-mails you about your order. I keep hoping that she'll ask me out.” Don’t worry Tim we’ll try and sort something out for you.

Written on:
08 Sep 2015
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  • Tim Easley
  • Tim Easley
  • Tim Easley
  • Tim Easley
  • Tim Easley
  • Tim Easley

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