Five tips to grow your brand in 2024

Tried-and-tested tips to help you grow your brand.

Employees planning and working together.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a big business looking to try something new, there are always new ways to grow your brand. Here, we’ve compiled 5 tried-and-tested tips to help get your brand out there in 2024.

1. Go out to (net)work

One of the best, and easiest, ways to get your brand in front of people is by taking things offline and networking. Having a presence at events, trade shows and conferences relevant to your business and industry lets you cut through the digital noise and really talk to people about what you do.

The new year’s a great time to do this, as other businesses will be making plans for the year ahead. So get researching and make sure you take advantage of those opportunities to grow your brand.

And remember, don’t go empty-handed. If you’re meeting people, you want to leave them with something to remember you by. From a beautifully textured Business Card to a branded Water Bottle

Person writing on customized Notebook. Matching Customized Water Bottle resting on arm chair.

2. Refresh those visuals

Been using the same font and imagery since you launched? It might be time to switch things up. Because like anything visual – the color of our walls, the clothes we wear – after a while they start to lose their impact. And they might not be quite right for the moment, which could affect how your brand’s perceived. 

Many companies will call in a branding agency for help with this, but you can freshen up your look without a multi-million budget. If you’ve got a MOO Business plan we can design a new deck of Business Cards for you, or a branded planner as part of your relaunch. A generous way to say, “Here’s our lovely new logo.”

Customized corporate Notebooks can be a great way to grow your brand.

3. Get personal

For your customers and clients, the best experiences feel personal. Something they wouldn’t get anywhere else – and makes them feel valued. And much more likely to remember your brand. More likely to spread the word about what you do, too.

And while a personalized email is better than a generic one, really it’s about individual, one-of-a-kind “things”. Like a handwritten Notecard with their order. Or a custom Notebook with their name on the belly band. 

Of course, it’s the same for your team. Making them feel appreciated for all their hard work with customized gifts and print. A Gold Foil gift card here, a work anniversary Greeting Card there…

Design service agent working on growing your brand.

4. Create a buzz

When is a customer more than a customer? When they’re an advocate. You might have met them – they’re the ones who help spread the word about a particular brand. And they can do the same for your business, bringing new customers with them. 

The key here is to offer rewards. That could mean a discount when one customer gets a friend to sign up. You can even have fun with it: like including a “golden ticket” Postcard with every order, which has all the details of the offer.

And don’t forget your biggest fans, who you can treat to one-off custom products. Say, a custom Water Bottle that’s not available to buy anywhere else – and also happens to be very Instagram-friendly. 

Person writing on Notebook.

5. Sustain people’s attention

Whatever business you’re in, issues of sustainability are impossible to ignore. And the bigger your brand becomes, the more important they become. For one thing, it’s what your customers are after right now. Not just younger customers – all your customers. So ignoring it completely means you’re losing out on a big audience. 

No brand’s going to nail it perfectly. Instead, it’s about those day-to-day choices you make as a business. Like reducing excessive packaging. And choosing the more sustainable option over something more throwaway. 

Ready to take things further? Find everything you need grow your brand here. From offline networking essentials to branded accessories. (And if you’re not sure where to begin, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.) 

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