Printfinity means fancy Business Cards, Postcards and more

Because everybody wants to have fancy Business Cards.

Fancy Business Cards with an orange Luxe seam.

Hang around long enough and you’ll probably come across the word “Printfinity”. It means you can print a different design on every Business Card (or Postcard, Sticker, Flyer…) in a pack. It’s exclusive to MOO and comes at no extra cost. Here are some ways to use it…

Make it rain(bow)

How many lovely colors are in your brand’s palette, and how many do you get a chance to use? Exactly. Printfinity lets you embrace the full spectrum, making each card a different color. Of all the ways to use Printfinity, this is probably the easiest and simplest to set up – but it always looks fantastic. 

Play with your branding

Printfinity lets you play around with all the different elements of your branding. On some cards your tagline could be the focus. Others could dial up the logo. Or you could explore your heritage and story, using branding elements from your archive, mixing the classic and contemporary in one pack of cards.

A deck of fancy business cards.

Create a photo album 

Photography is another thing Printfinity does well, with the ability to showcase whole albums. This is why photography pros have chosen MOO from the beginning. Now it helps businesses tell their story. It might be your product range, shots of your stores, portraits of your staff – or abstract images that create the right vibe. 

Pampez's Postcards.

Play with words

Lots of brands use Printfinity to feature different quotes or sayings. Are customers saying lots of nice things about you on Trustpilot? Make a feature of it – with a review on every Business Card. Want to share your brand values? Go ahead. Once you’ve set up a template, it’s easy to switch up the text to keep things fresh. 


You’ll A/B test a social ad. Why not a Business Card? Printfinity is all about getting experimental, seeing what works, fixing things fast. If one design doesn’t land, no worries. You still have dozens more to try. This works especially well with Postcards and Flyers – you can use different codes or URLs to measure the impact of each design. 

Talk their language

Lots of brands love the diversity of Printfinity. It’s an opportunity to speak a different language (or 50), making everything you share more personal and relevant. And if you’re sending out 100 different Postcards, you can tailor them to specific customers. All it takes is a switch of a name or address. 

Rounded Stickers made different with the printfinity feature.

Don’t overthink it

Some of the best uses of Printfinity are also the simplest. There’s nothing wrong with creating a deck of fancy Business Cards without there being a big concept. Just play around with a few variables (words, colors, illustrations) and it’s hard to go wrong. So have fun with it. 

Got a great Printfinity idea you’d like to try? Go for it. It works on every MOO print product, from Business Cards to Stickers. And if you sign up for a MOO business plan, our team will do the design for you. Just fill in the form below. 

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