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Your digital planning freebies for May

Download our creative digital freebies to get organized in May.

MOO digital wallpapers to download for May for free

Perpetual Planners are all about giving you a flexible way to plan (and do). But while we love putting ideas on paper, we know that screens have become an intrinsic part of our lives.

So we decided to give you some digital planning extras to complement your MOO Planner and stay organized all year round. We asked our talented creative and design services teams to let their imaginations flow and whip us up some desktop and mobile wallpapers, just for you.

Download our planning freebies below – and get planning!

Summer in full bloom

To start us off, Chelsea designed a wallpaper filled with summer blooms. We especially love the style of the pattern. “Spring flowers are blooming all around us! And this design gives off the effect of a climbing plant effect.” She also adds “I wanted to convey the beautiful colors of spring with a seamless floral pattern! I decided to go with an unusual background color to really make the flowers pop too.”

Download the free May desktop organizer here

Download Chelseas’s phone wallpaper here 

Hop to it

Cammie used her wallpaper to highlight May as Mental Health Awareness Month. However, still wanted to keep things light and fun. “I wanted to make something that wasn’t a very stereotypical illustration.” And so for her design, she designed a frog in a cowboy hat.

“I wanted to make something that made me happy. Currently, that’s frogs in cowboy hats. Mental health is very stigmatized, typically viewed as a dark subject matter and not something we talk about openly. As someone who is dealing with depression, I wanted someone (who might be in the worst place than I am) to be able to look down and get a glimpse of happiness. Even if it is just for a second.”

Download Cammie’s phone wallpaper here 

Celebrate Mother’s day

Our junior graphic designer Katie focused on Mother’s Day for her wallpaper. As the wallpaper is indeed for a phone as opposed to a card to give to someone – she chose to add a fun quote alluding to the holiday rather than saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

She told us “I wanted to create a whimsical design that conveyed the fun of celebrating Mother’s Day in the spring. May is a month that we associate with new life, blooming colors and planting seeds, so I wanted this design to show the fun of celebrating spring and the motherly figures in our lives!”

Download Katie’s phone wallpaper here

Support local 

For Logan’s theme, he picked Small Business Week to spotlight. As it’s celebrated in May, his design is a homage to all the local businesses that bring uniqueness and a sense of community to every city. 

“My goal was to create a bright, fun flower shop where the viewer can see themselves in this space. The colors and illustration style create a relaxing environment where you could go to decompress and quite literally smell the flowers. I also wanted to convey a fun and unique space that small businesses bring to their communities.”

Download Logan’s phone wallpaper here

Step into summer

Last but certainly not least, for Michela’s wallpaper, she wanted to capture the feeling of nature “making its grand entrance into the spring and summer months. With the silhouettes, I tried to capture some of the movements associated with plants bursting out of the earth and reaching towards the sun.” 

She also adds “Spring always brings around those bright and deep colors as buds are blooming and new leaves are forming. I love how you never quite know exactly where things start growing, and it’s exciting to see things take shape!”

Download Michaela’s phone wallpaper here

Ready for May? Stay organized on paper and beyond with MOO Perpetual Planners.

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