This is how you MOO it

Our survey says… this is how you like to MOO it. We asked what, why and how you’re using MOO.

Growth graph made of custom prints and branded merch including business cards, postcards, a water bottle and a notebook

We asked and you answered. We ran a customer survey to find out what you’re using from MOO and why. And we got some great results. 

Firstly, thank you to everyone who completed our survey (a huge 90% of everyone we asked answered!). We’re always grateful for all the ways you show your support – from rave reviews to opening our emails.

Now, the nitty gritty. From maximum marketing impact and stand out branding – this is how you MOO it.


  • Branding, promotions and networking are top of your business agenda.
  • High-quality handouts like Business Cards and Flyers are a mark of a quality business. 
  • Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards are priorities for your marketing and networking.
  • You’re using print marketing to help you drive sales and win new business.
  • Memorable print with unique finishes help your brand stand out.

Branding and promos for the win

Top of your marketing agenda are branding, promotions and networking. But to surprise and delight your customers and clients came in a close fourth, proving that you like to think outside the box. We know you’ve used Business Cards for branded jewellery backs and MiniCards for swing tags. The possibilities are endless!

Pink water bottle with text reading marketing & promotions, blue notebook with the word branding, and postcard with the work networking

Quality is everything

61% of you said MOO’s high quality reflects well on your business and 21% said they choose MOO for innovative product options, with consistency sitting in third place. We asked you a few questions and 90% of you agreed:

My MOO purchases make my brand feel more credible

It looks like we’re helping you to nail that all important first impression. In fact, 63% of you said you keep a piece of promotional print when you like the design and quality.

The key takeaway?

High-quality handouts like Business Cards and Flyers are a mark of a quality business. Because we don’t cut corners and neither do you.

3 business cards with a colored edge. The forst one says quality, then inoovative products, then consistency

Your top product picks

What do you love most from MOO? A whopping 94% of you said Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards were important to your marketing mix. In fact, you ordered over nearly a million of them this year. Print truly isn’t dead – these business essentials are still flying off our printers to support your digital marketing. 

The key takeaway?

Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards are top priority for your marketing and networking.

Yellow flyer saying VIP, beige postcard saying important and business card

Driving traffic and sales

We know you love Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards, but what are you using your print for? Nearly 70% of you said to drive potential customers to your site or online store. And it seems to be working too, a third of you saw an increase in traffic of up to 30%.

Some of you even said that MOO products have a positive impact on your businesses profits and helped you win clients or new business. Now that’s pretty impressive stuff.

The key takeaway?

You’re using print marketing to help you drive sales and win new business.

Hand typing on a fake keyboard made of mini square stickers in front of a welcome screen made of a postcard

Making an extra impact

We know that first impressions count. And there’s no surprises here – 60% of you said that special finishes helped you and your brand make more of an impact. Let’s break it down.

Our MOO Luxe paper came out on top, followed by unique sizes (rounded corners, square Business Cards and MiniCards), then gold and silver foil

The key takeaway?

Memorable print with unique finishes helps your brand stand out.

3 stacks of business cards. The biggest one says Luxe, the second bigger is rounded corners and the third one is square business cards

There’s no denying, MOO + you is a winning combination. Don’t forget to show us your winning creations on social using #hashtagmoo – we love to see it.

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