August 24, 2020

Rest your thoughts in a MOO Notebook

From the premium details to the practical design – we’ve looked at every angle to create our most noteworthy Notebook range yet.

Whichever of the seven colour combinations you go for (Lime Green or Jet Black? Hmm), we’ve designed the MOO Notebook in a way that turns getting your ideas down into a pleasure.

Dark blue hardcover notebook with ribbon

See the Notebook range here.

Designed by (two very fussy) designers

MOO’s Toby and Felix are the people behind the Notebook’s design. They spent months obsessing over every tiny detail before arriving at the final version. Everything about the Hardcover Notebook has been carefully designed to make it a joy to use. Yes, even the ribbon.

  • Red hardback journal with cloth cover and swiss binding
  • colored pages in hardcover journal
  • Lined and colored pages in hardcover notebook
  • red cloth hardcover notebook

Every. Single. Detail.

You know how most books don’t stay open properly? Well, thanks to the Swiss binding, the MOO Notebook doesn’t do that. It lays nice and flat so you’re not wrestling with the pages. 

As you’d expect, we went through many different paper choices before settling on a non-glare, uncoated stock from Sweden’s Munken Kristall. It makes for very smooth scribbling. And it won’t yellow with age, so last year’s ideas still look pretty fresh (even the ones that now make you cringe a little). 

Because Notebooks aren’t just for… notes, you’ll find 16 pages of GF Smith colour paper, smack bang in the centre. It’s thick, tactile and unlined – so you can literally draw up plans and picture the scene. 

No one wants to “kid glove” their Notebook. So the MOO Hardcover Notebook is bound in proper, sturdy book cloth. It’s ready to stand up the toughest backpack treatment – and be just as robust as the ideas soon to fill its pages. For extra, extra protection, it even comes in its own slipcase.

7 hardback notebooks with colorful cloth covers and colored central pages

Do we have a favourite colour? Well, first it was Midnight Blue, then it was Charcoal Grey… But really, it’s all about the ideas you put inside it.

Get your ideas on paper with MOO Hardcover Notebooks.


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