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The OG in feel-good marketing.

Ah, Stickers. 

The mere mention of stickers evokes a sense of nostalgia and a connection to simpler times. For businesses, stickers can be a powerful tool to engage clients and reinforce brand identity. Whether used for product packaging, event swag, or as part of a creative marketing campaign, stickers offer a versatile and memorable way to make a lasting impression.

Read on to discover how trailblazer businesses use custom branded Stickers to make their brand stick – literally. 

Spread brand messaging

Reddit's Stickers

[Image credit: Eva Blue]

The beauty of Stickers is that they can travel far and wide, taking your brand to new heights with minimal advertising spend. Whether stuck on a laptop, lunch box or noticeboard, well-designed Stickers are often a talking point. Reddit built its empire with just $500 and a strategic Sticker campaign. Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s founder, says that stickers were the “soundest investment [he] ever made.”

Alex carried them wherever he went, handing them out at events, meetups, and even to strangers on the street. He wanted to create a nurturing online community, and Stickers helped spread Reddit’s brand message at a grassroots level. Stickers give people a fun and memorable way to engage with your brand as they turn up in the most unlikely places.

Build brand affinity 

Vans' Stickers

[Image credit: Skateboard Stickers]

Brand stickers are the equivalent of being part of a club. For a few dollars, you can show your affinity with a brand at a fraction of the cost of its products. And when these cost-effective marketing tools are paired with elevated design, Stickers are definitely something to shout about. 

Just take Vans, for example. Loved by skaters and cool kids alike, Vans give away free stickers with every pair of shoes you buy. When you brandish your Vans sticker, you’re aligning yourself with their art, music, action sports, and street culture ethos. Stickers aren’t just a cute way to decorate your laptop; they show you’re part of a subculture.

Add a touch of luxury to packaging

Clavin Klein uses Stickers in packgaing.

[Image credit: Brockpac]

When you think of Stickers, ‘luxury’ probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. However, Calvin Klein proves that the humble sticker can elevate your packaging. Alongside some minimalist tissue paper and ribbon, CK used matte stickers to elegantly package their garments during the holiday season.  

Calvin Klein’s Sticker helps banish the blandness and adds some festive cheer. A simple yet beautiful Sticker shows the brand’s attention to detail and enhances its customers’ unboxing experience. Simple yet brilliant, a well-placed Sticker turns something ordinary into something special. 

Champion guerrilla marketing 

Stickers are guerilla marketing

[Image credit: Scott Kaplan]

The beauty of guerrilla marketing is that it’s made to be noticed. Alex Powis, the co-founder of Stickerarchive, says, “Slapping a sticker up … is instant, whereas graffiti takes time and guts. It’s like coded messaging.” That’s exactly what Gillette did in their strategic sticker marketing campaign around Manhattan. 

Instead of splashing the cash on flashy billboards, the brand used what was already there. They stuck small stickers resembling bloody tissues over billboards, giving the impression of a shaven mishap. The campaign quickly gained traction, proving that sometimes the smallest ideas can make the biggest impact.

Bring the delight factor

Milk makeup uses Stickers

[Image credit: Milk Makeup]

Savvy brands are dialling up their nostalgia marketing with Stickers. They’re the original form of feel-good marketing. By creating a ton of fun and iconic designers, Stickers are entering the realm of collector’s items. Every time you order from a brand, you get a Sticker sheet to add to your collection. And because these Stickers are well-designed, people actually want to customise their stuff with them.

For instance, Milk Makeup’s Stickers speak to its Gen-Z audience by using words like “Preach,” “Slayer,” and “Vibes.” Their website link is subtly written in the corner, so it’s not blatantly obvious which brand the Sticker belongs to. 

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