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Meet Allyson Bishop - founder of Minky & Prickett - an online shop born in Spring 2015 and dedicated to making handmade items into well-made and function meets fun. We asked her about how she started the business, “What started as making fresh and functional gifts for people I knew, quickly turned into making and selling items to people they knew. And so Minky & Prickett was born. With the help of Elle & Company, who did all of my branding and site design, I opened my online shop earlier this year.”

Standing out

We love their products and we love what they do, on using MOO products Allyson says, “I’ve used MOO for all of my printing needs since Minky & Prickett started from my Square Business Cards right down to the Stickers. The exceptional quality of MOO’s products has helped to set my business apart.”

Written on:
05 Feb 2016
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  • Minky & Prickett
  • Minky & Prickett
  • Minky & Prickett

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