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Lienke works as an illustrator and designer for agency in60seconds and visual consultant for Getting the picture by day. She loves what she does and spends her evenings, and weekends drawing monsters and weird characters, on surfaces she can get hold of from: paper, skateboards, furniture, to walls. “My style is doodle-ish and character driven. I love to draw monsters and weird characters in my spare time.”


Striking and filled with vibrant colours and various monsters, Lienke’s Minicards and Postcards will leave a long lasting impression. “Someone at my previous job recommended MOO, so I tried it and I really liked the quality! The first reason why I order my Minicards and Postcards was because of Printfinity. It’s always nice to show people and let them choose one. The fact that the my Business Cards are smaller, than the regular business cards makes it unique.”

Written on:
18 Dec 2015
Printfinity, MiniCards, Postcards, Illustrator
  • Lienke Raben
  • Lienke Raben
  • Lienke Raben
  • Lienke Raben

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