Custom printwear (and custom cards)

Downtown Custom Printwear, a screen printing and embroidery shop located just outside Boston wanted their business cards to stand out. Their old single-sided card felt dull and corporate; not the feeling they want to convey to potential customers. These new cards from MOO were printed in full colour, on both sides - a truly custom card for a truly custom business.

A new logo deserves a new card

The Downtown Custom Printwear logo was recently redesigned, and the team wanted their cards to match. Using the new logo as the primary design feature, their cards incorporate it into both the silhouettes and t-shirt designs. With a black, white, and red colour palette, Downtown Custom Printwear have created a strong and vibrant card design.

Creating custom cards

The DCP team chose to include 5 different designs for the 'front' of their business cards, each with a different silhouette illustration. The team also designed the 'back' of their cards in Photoshop to create a customised layout.

  • Business Cards by Downtown Printing

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