A small company, with a big heart

Convington Cleaners is a friendly, family owned dry-cleaning shop located in Louisiana. Describing themselves as "a small company with a big heart" it was important to bring that character to life with a bright, fresh and friendly design on their business cards.

Keep it clean

Using a bright colour palette and simple illustrations, Covington Cleaners' designer created a clean and modern look for their business cards. The business is as straightforward as they come; limiting the visual element of the card to a single bent wire hanger seemed appropriate. As a result their business cards are fun, with an eye-catching design.

Create custom cards

The Covington Cleaners team provided their designer with the MOO design guidelines to be sure the finished designs met MOO's print requirements. Once the design was created, it was simply a case of uploading the finished PDFs to moo.com via MOO's easy uploading tool.

  • Covington Cleaners used a bright colour palette and a modern design to make their MOO Business Cards stand out from the crowd

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