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  • 28 oct 2011

When you think of company branded clothing, do you imagine unfashionable staff uniforms or horribly uncool, badly fitting jumpers with a great big clumsy logo on the front?

Well, that's all in the past! Welcome to the new wave of communication. Just like smart online marketing and memorable offline Business Cards, making your brand wearable is simply one more eye catching way to get your name out there to potential consumers and clients.

So how do you make your branded clothing stand out?

It's not just about a logo

You can make a t-shirt with just your company or personal logo on it – or you can aim a little higher. Why not include a strapline, your url, contact details, images or photos? You can even include a QR code!

Is it a uniform, a marketing tool, a product – or all three?

Some companies make their branded clothing so desirable, it naturally makes the transition from a uniform or marketing idea to a genuine piece of merchandise – like the infamous Hooters uniform!

If you're putting your logo, or company imagery onto a t-shirt, think about adapting the design into something that customers would genuinely want to wear. That way, they'll do your marketing for free – there's nothing as effective for word-of-mouth advertising a human billboard! – and you'll make a profit at the same time.

Make it different every time

If you're in retail, and you've designed your staff uniforms, there's no reason why you have to use the exact same branded clothing if you're also attending craft fairs or networking events. Similarly, if you're a freelancer or a startup with a handful of employees, you don't want to have to order in bulk (with huge outlays) when you only need a few.

Printed Wardrobe offer customers the opportunity to buy either in bulk, or to print much smaller quantities of stock.

Why stop at clothes?

It sounds obvious but you can brand anything wearable – hair accessories, trucker caps, even flip flops. The more unusual the item of clothing you have your details or logo on, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Printed Wardrobe are online printers offering low cost, speedy garment printing on a wide range of clothing, as well as off-the-shelf designs.

  • Printed Wardrobe

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