Crayons at the ready

UK illustrator Carlton Hibbert runs Patterns for Colouring, a website aimed to encourage children to explore colour in art. Carlton, a vector digital art specialist, says "There are plenty of colouring sites available online but mine concentrates on patterns and steers clear of the cartoon characters that dominate the market." he says. The website offers a huge library of innovative and unusual free patterns for downloading, printing and, (the fun part!) colouring in. As it says on the website, they're "perfect for people who like to doodle but don"t know what to doodle!"

Can I borrow your red?

Carlton created MiniCards with black and white colouring-in patterns on the back - which makes them ideal marketing materials as well as a truly interactive experience. Carlton says "My MiniCards are my way of showcasing the variety of patterns I stock. They also give me the chance to invite the recipient to colour their own card. MiniCards are a perfect size for a quick scribble with colouring pencils, just enough to give them a taste of the fun of filling in a pattern. The unique nature of their design and the fact that I have a variety of patterns to choose from always raises more interaction and a good few smiles." May we suggest handing out packs of colouring pencils as well, Carlton?

Variety is the spice of life

As well as promoting his site with MiniCards and helping children stay inside the lines, Carlton is also helping adults free their creativity whenever he hands out his cards. "I get as much interest from adult users as for their children" he tells us. "It seems everyone loves to colour in!" He also uses patterns from guest artists on his website - including work from fellow MOO favourite and talented illustrator Jonny Wan, who also has some great "outside the lines" ideas for his cards. (Incidentally, one of our featured designers, COLOURLovers, are also big fans!)

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Stickers, Marketing, Printfinity
  • Carlton Hibbert - Patterns for Colouring
  • Colour-in MiniCards by Carlton Hibbert
  • Carlton Hibbert - Patterns for Colouring

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