When to break out the fancy stationery: AKA Notecards 

Fancy stationery that leaves a lasting impression? Notecards are where it’s at.

Some occasions call for fancy stationery. For VIP customers, high-profile clients or even formal event invitations. Because when you invest in a quality product, your customers take note. And how fitting that our Notecard products happen to be the ultimate way to get your personalized message across.

A close cousin of our much-loved Postcard, our extra-thick Luxe Notecards come with your choice of eight colored seams. Not only are they a pleasure to write on, but they’re guaranteed to make your business notes mean more. Plus, you get free envelopes included. So what’s not to love?

Keep scrolling for our favourite ways to use them. 

Welcome a team member

Making any new hire feel welcome, and allowing them to get a real sense of your brand identity is a great way to integrate them into the company. So to start your onboarding, use our Notecards to jot down personalized messages.

Starting in a new position or with a new team can be a bit daunting. And a welcoming message can reduce stress for any new employee and foster a positive feeling between your company and the newbie. Make sure to write their name and add a quick message about the team, company or perhaps the first-day expectations. Alternatively, you could ask team members to sign the card or use it as a way of inviting them for a welcome coffee or lunch.

Thank you cards for VIPs 

Sending thank you notes to customers can be a great surprise and delight tactic. It’s a great opportunity to build loyalty and make them feel extra special. Whether you’re sending it to them with an order, to seal a gift or as a note about an upcoming product launch. It’s especially important to send them to VIP customers – those who shop with you more often than others. 

Receiving something personalised can really help increase the chances of reordering, so be sure to include their name and perhaps even a personal message, so they know it’s tailored especially to them.  

Luxury mailings

Receiving mail is the best, especially when it’s personalized. We’re not talking about bills or catalogs. We’re talking about the good stuff like event invitations or discount cards. It’s like getting an unexpected gift and an added bonus. 

So, if you’re a business sending out direct mail, we suggest adding a little something extra to make it a memorable experience. With online shopping bigger than ever, the “unboxing” experience is a powerful way to engage customers and make a real impact. Use our Notecards to create luxury mailings that leave a lasting impression on your brand by adding a touch of extra delight. 

Goody bag inserts

Before you even start adding products and treats to your goody bags and hampers, it’s important to add an insert. This is a great way to round off the shopping experience and note down what you’ve added inside for the individual or team. 

Like with any other way of using a Notecard – make it as personalized as possible. Take the time to research your recipients and tailor your messages accordingly. Focus on creating a genuine connection. Use a friendly and warm tone that reflects your brand’s personality, addressing the recipient by their first name is always a good idea.

Top tip: use attractive and legible handwriting or consider using a professional calligrapher if possible. By combining personalized messages, thoughtful gestures, and attention to detail, you can make a lasting impression and enhance your brand’s memorability.

Seasonal gift voucher

Seasonal gift vouchers can be a creative and custom way to promote your brand, engage with customers and potentially make a sale. Seasonal themes evoke specific emotions and associations. For example, during the holiday season, the festive atmosphere and warm sentiments can create a desire to engage in gift-giving and spread joy. By aligning your seasonal gift vouchers with these emotions and themes, you tap into the customer’s seasonal mindset, making a purchase seem fitting and timely.

First off, decide on the format of your gift vouchers. It could be a specific dollar amount discount, a percentage off, or a special offer. Clearly state the value and terms (if there are any) of the voucher on the inside of the Notecard.

Then work on the seasonal theme you want to incorporate into your gift vouchers. For example, if it’s winter, you could choose a winter wonderland theme. Be sure to leave space to personalize it for each recipient. This can be as simple as addressing the card to the customer’s name or including a handwritten note thanking them for their support.

Inspired to reach out to clients, customers or friends? Get writing and delighting with your own custom Notecards.

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