4 amazing holiday card designs with ALL the trimmings

Get your fill of eye candy with our community’s most creative holiday card designs.

1 thank you card, 2 holiday card designs and a gold envelope

In uncertain times, feeling close to your community is more important than ever. And what’s better than a personalized holiday card design to (re)connect and show you care? From topical greeting cards to miniature pieces of art, get your fill of eye candy with some of our community’s best holiday card designs.

1. Danielle White: feeling close from afar

Designer and lettering artist Danielle White combines her love for pastel colors, typography and graphic design to share positive vibes and spread the cheer. Under the current circumstances, distance from our loved ones can be a challenge. That’s why reminding each other we’re there is so important, especially during the festive season. A simple lettering design and a powerful message: the key to an inspiring holiday card design.

Holiday card design by Danielle White

With this Christmas looking more like a socially distanced one with less in-person celebrations than we’re used to, I really wanted to make a card to let loved ones know that even though you perhaps can’t give them a cuddle by a warm fire, you’re still there for them and they hold a big old place in that heart of yours. I also wanted to create a card with all the nice Christmassy feelings of snow and festive cheer.

Holiday & Christmas card design by Danielle White

2. Sabine van Vessem: back to better days

Sabine van Vessem is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and print designer with a passion for combining various disciplines such as illustration, paper cut collages, typography and pattern design. Her colorful, vintage-inspired Christmas card designs skillfully mix these techniques for a dazzling effect. By choosing an unconventional color palette for the festive season and enhancing some details with Gold Foil, Sabine managed to create Christmas card designs that really pop.

Holiday card design by Sabine Van Vessem

3. Amanda Weedmark: greetings from the great indoors

Amanda Weedmark is a graphic designer, digital illustrator and creative entrepreneur based in Burnaby, Canada. As an outdoor lover and vintage design enthusiast, Amanda created a set of Postcards during lockdown as a cheeky wink to the current context. In a time when traveling is less of an option and many people are still quarantining, funny holiday Postcard designs can help you (metaphorically) move around and reconnect with in a fun, light-hearted way. We are confined, but not our mind.

Holiday card designs by Amanda Weedmark

4. Philip Bailey: less is more with a minimal holiday card

Philip Bailey is an in-house Senior Graphic Designer at MOO HQ and a strong advocate of playful and clever design. For our festive card template collection, he created a simple yet pristine holiday card design. After a complicated year, a minimal holiday card is an invitation to relax and focus on the important things. Make your season greetings a stress-free space with this playful template.

Flat design holiday card template by MOO and thank you card

Feeling inspired? Explore our original “happy holiday” card designs or create your very own Postcards and Greeting Cards with MOO.

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