Big brand Business Cards with a big brand presence

Discover three brands paving the way in simplistic, elegant Business Card design. 

A selection of big brand business cards printed with MOO

When it comes to Business Card design, we’re lucky enough to have worked with some big global brands. The following three clients are a testament to the power of branded Business Cards, and their continued value in a digital-first world. What’s more, they show how a simple, sophisticated design can be brought to life with a touch of MOO magic. 

Let’s meet the brands.


Branded business card design for SpotOn, a MOO client of 3 years

SpotOn has been a partner with MOO for the past thee years, using their dedicated MOO platform as an employee self-ordering portal, which is currently supporting over 2000 users. Their approach to working with clients is understanding that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ – and we couldn’t agree more. Which is why their employees can choose from a variety of different design templates. Each template includes a handy QR code that can be scanned to set up a product demo, making the whole process of networking feel personalized, and seamless. 

These beautiful, monochrome Business Cards are printed on our popular MOO Super paper stock with a soft touch finish. MOO Super is a great versatile paper. It’s non-bendy and ultra-durable (because when you want to make a good impression, it’s important to be made of sturdy stuff). 

MiCamp Solutions

A monochrome, rounded business card design for MiCamp, designed and printed by MOO

MiCamp has been a partner with MOO for the past two years. Their team regularly makes use of our in-house Design Services team, who support in designing and updating their branded Business Card templates. Also a fan of the QR code, theirs links directly through to a contact card, so you can get in touch with them directly. Another seamless experience!

MiCamp’s Business Cards are printed on our MOO Super paper, and finished with elegant rounded corners. This is a great option to add a smooth, curvier appearance to the cards, which – topped with a subtle Silver Foil finish – oozes sophistication and charm. When it comes to standout design, sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference.  

Kimball International

A Spot UV business card design for Kimball International

These eye-catching raised spot gloss Business Cards belong to our client Kimball International. Kimball International has only recently joined the MOO family, with four different company templates set up on their account. Their Business Cards designs are another great example of a simple design with a touch of something a little ‘extra’. 

Raised spot gloss can visually grab the attention of potential clients or investors. With its tactile, 3D finish, it creates the illusion of embossing. The team at Kimball loved it so much, they opted to include it on both the front and back of their Business Card designs. Highlighting elements of their logo, it (quite literally) allows their branding to shine through. 

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