15 moments from our first 15 years

Revisit some key moments since MOO set out to shake up the world of print back in 2006.

15 years of MOO written on 5 different colorful blocks

It’s our 15th birthday this year. A lot of stuff has happened along the way, but whether you’ve been a customer since day one or you’re only just joining us now (hello!), we couldn’t have done it without you. But, before we start to blub, it’s time to cue the nostalgia – here are some of our most memorable moments so far.

1. Small beginnings

We started really small. Literally. The first thing we launched was MiniCards, which were (and still are) half the size of a regular Business Card. Of course, now our cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Little metal rocket with an old orange MOO logo at the bottom

2. It was a pleasure

Before MOO was MOO, we were known as “Pleasure Cards”. As in business cards, but… pleasurable. It definitely seemed like a good name at the time, anyway. 

3. Creating a buzz

We once made tiny Business Cards for bees. Was it an April Fool? Yes. But the cards were 100% real. So if any bees are reading this and you’re looking to do some networking, give us a shout. 

4. MOO goes offline

There was once a real MOO shop inside a shipping container in East London. Confusingly it was called “moo.com” but was very much offline. Very handy place to pick up your print orders from, though. 

Open glass door with a MOO logo

5. Saving trees (and tees)

Our Cotton Business Cards are genuinely made from discarded T-shirt scraps that we recycle. These little scraps would otherwise go to waste, which seems a shame as they make excellent quality Business Cards. 

6. Royal approval

The Queen of England is a Printfinity fan. We even have her Award For Innovation to prove it. We actually stumbled on the technology almost by accident, but that seems to be the way with many a good invention. 

Yellow crown

7. Going green

The classic green MOO drop used to be pink. And blue. And a bunch of other different colours, come to think of it. Then we had a big swanky rebrand in 2014, when we all decided that green was our favourite colour. 

8. Brobots

Little MOO, the friendly email robot, used to have a big brother – Big MOO – who is sadly no longer with us. How can a printer and an email robot be related you ask? We’re not sure, but the DNA is a perfect match, and you can’t argue with science. 

9. Heart-felt

For many years, each MOO employee would get their very own felt doll after two years’ service. They were made by the wonderful Helen Greenstein who is still a master of all things soft and fuzzy. 

10. Good Luxe

In 2012, we set about making the thickest Business Cards ever. And the result was Luxe. our extra thick, high-end (almost too fancy to hand out) range. 

Deconstructed Luxe business card by MOO with layers of colored paper sandwiched between two sheets of premium paper

11. MOO and you, and you…

We’ve done a LOT of collaborations. From designers like Kidyeah and Helen Friel to THREE different team-ups with author Seth Godin. There were also those nice Postcards with Patternity. So basically we just really like collaborating. 

12. US-Yay!

In 2009, the first drop of MOO ink fell on American soil, as our Rhode Island facility opened its doors. The state song is apparently “Rhode Island, It’s For Me” and that was definitely true for us. Just don’t ask us to sing the tune. (We’re very bad at singing.)

MOO white label packaging with the american flag

13. Offline timeline

A Facebook exec loved his MOO Business Cards so much he invited us to become the go-to site for printing Timeline profile pictures. The service automatically gathered your information and created a custom card that mimicked your social profile. Great! (Sadly it didn’t catch on.)

14. Scribblers, rejoice

We’ve loved paper since day one, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we launched our very own Notebooks. Like a Business Card, only bigger and with hundreds more pages. It was the start of things to come. 

15. Thanks a £100 million

In 2018 we reached a marvellous milestone: £100 million in revenue. Not too bad for a humble little print company, eh?

And now, after 15 years, we’re about to unwrap something new. It’s all very secretive right now, but we’re pretty sure it’ll feature on the “30 moments from our first 30 years” blog post in 2036. See you then!

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