What does the way you carry your Business Cards say about you?

What’s your Business Card carrying personality? Find out with our 100% scientific guide.

Person looking through their business cards in a display box

It’s a question you may have asked yourself, possibly. So here’s a totally scientific guide. If you can’t find the answer here, you’re obviously doing your own unique thing and to that we say, “Fair play”.

1. In your back pocket

You feel a close emotional attachment to your cards, and if that means they get a bit crumpled along the way, what of it? It’s more important to be your true self. (Oh, and Super Business Cards may help with the crumple thing.)

2. In a wallet

You like neatness. Order. The close proximity to debit cards and forgotten loyalty cards from 2016. In this wallet lies your world. A world of travel and wonder.

Person organizing their business cards in their wallet

3. In your shirt pocket

Either you’re a budding soccer referee, or more likely you like to keep your cards on show for all to see (we’re not saying you’re a show-off, though).

4. In a Business Card holder

This one says you like to protect those around you, especially things made out of paper. It’s also a cunning way for us to say “Shop Business Card Holders”. 

Person putting their business card holder in their jacket pocket

5. In the back of your phone case

You’re not secretive but you DO like mystery. The equivalent of those bookcases where one book can be pushed to reveal a secret lair (or in this case, Business Card).

6. In the front bit of your backpack

There’s nothing wrong with liking zips, they’re very underrated. So if you like to zip up your cards nice and safe, embrace that. Zips are great. 

Business cards in the inner pocket of a MOO Notebook

7. Inside a Notebook

The creative option, turning a Business Card into a bookmark. Did we also mention that the MOO Notebook comes with a special place for a Business Card? We did now.

8. Inside a sandwich

Yes, it’s a niche option. But it could happen. And it would suggest you like to mix business with food, turning a working lunch into literally a “working lunch”. 

Person holding a business card in their hand

9. In your mind

You are picturing the perfect Business Card. You can see it in your dreams. But it can only ever exist as a vision. And there it will stay. (Basically, you’re a perfectionist, fair enough. You should probably use Luxe.)

10. In the claws of an owl

The choice of the romantic poet. Completely impractical, but there’s something undeniably appealing about the accompanying hoots, twits and twoos.

If you don’t have access to a trained owl, the easiest way to carry around your Business Cards is a Business Card Holder. There’s a whole range of them. 

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