New year. New things to stock up on.

New year. New things to stock up on.

A table with newly ordered office supplies, including boxes of business cards, some water bottles, and some planners.

If you’re in charge of your office stationery cupboard, the new year is a busy, busy time. A time for finding space for new pens. A nook for envelopes. Or a gap to squeeze in those Post-its. So, because you’ve got enough to do, we’ve come up with a checklist for what you might need this year. At least in terms of papery things…

An open perpetual planner with a restock checklist written out. A brass planner clip is marking the page.

1. Business Cards

You’ve probably already got these on your list, but here they are anyway. Never underestimate how many Business Cards you’ll be getting through this year. Especially with conferences and events now properly a “thing” again, and in full swing. Even swingier than in 2022. Which means you’ll be dishing out those little cards like nobody’s business. And any you don’t use? We’ve got some tips for them, too.

2. Letterhead

The unsung hero of the stationery world. Once you’d be sending out letters like they were tweets. Now they’ve taken on a more elevated role. For special occasions when only a letter feels right. So while you’re probably not ordering a ton of these, they’re worth stocking up on. You can get creative with the design – and for very special occasions, try the Luxe version. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the Envelopes. Aim to have about the same amount of each.

A planner open to a page with a checklist, pen sitting on top. Stacks of business cards and more planners also sit on the table.

3. Address Labels

Even if you’re sending fewer letters than you used to, you’ll definitely be sending a lot of stuff in 2023. Think of all those parcels, boxes and packages. So it’s a good idea to keep a box of labels on hand. Ours have a matte coating so they’re perfect for writing on. And you can also design them to be used as “Hi my name is” stickers at events. Or, keep your options open and print a mixture of different designs.

4. Planners

Gone are the days when you’d have to buy a planner every year, just because the old one was “out of date.” Now dateless planners are here, including our own Perpetual Planner. So even if you get to the end of 2023 with stock left over, they’ll still be good for 2024 and beyond. That makes them great to have around for new starters. And you can customise them, too.

A gif that shows a grid of navy blue planners, with one planner opened to a blank page. Over time, each closed planner disappears until only the open planner is left.

5. Display Boxes

When you’re stocking up on things for the new year, there’s not always space to keep everything tidy. And that can mean your desk turns into what’s known as a “dumping ground.” Enter our Display Boxes. They’re the perfect size for storing Postcards, Business Cards and other small items. And yes, they’re stackable. Just keep a few sizes handy. Especially for your trade shows table.

Now you’ve got your checklist, it’s time to start ticking things off it. (Which alphabetically would be Address Labels. But other list-sorting methods are available!)

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