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Digital wallpapers for desktop and mobile to celebrate a June summer

Perpetual Planners are all about giving you a flexible way to plan (and do). But while we love putting ideas on paper, we know that screens have become an intrinsic part of our lives.

So we decided to give you some digital planning extras to complement your MOO Planner and stay organised all year round. We asked our talented creative and design services teams to let their imaginations flow and whip us up some desktop and mobile wallpapers, just for you.

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A colourful summer

As we step into June, let’s start this month on a positive note! Matthew has created a vibrant wallpaper that encapsulates the spirit of this special time.

“A lot happens in June. Whether you’re honouring World Wellbeing Week, celebrating Pride Month, or simply thrilled that summer has started, there’s so much to be positive about this time of year. I wanted a theme that gives a nod to all three!” 

To celebrate the creator of the rainbow flag, Matthew used the font Gilbert Baker. “The font is pretty unique with its striking colour palette, so I hope my design conveys a message of personal celebration that is uplifting.”

June digital wallpaper download for desktop designed by the MOO team

Download the free June desktop organiser here

Download Matthews’s phone wallpaper here 

Take a breath

Hollie used her digital wallpaper design to highlight World Wellbeing Week. “I wanted to create a calming reminder for the user when looking at their phone throughout the day.” She took special care to use slightly muted and warmer colours to convey a sense of calm.

Her number one tip to designers is to trust the process. “Don’t rule out any weird and wonderful options early on in your design process – you may surprise yourself!”

Mindfulness phone background design for the summer

Download Hollie’s phone wallpaper here 

Get outside

Our junior graphic designer, Claire, wanted to convey the joy of outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. She shared “My birthday is right in the middle of June and it always feels like that turning point of when Summer really starts.”

Claire encourages mixing colours and using gradients. “Multiple gradients can be intimidating but when done right, it can add dimension to an image without too much detail. I also love mixing a warm and cool colour (blue and orange, for example) to reliably create balance.”

Summer digital phone wallpaper design with camper van and sunset scenery

Download Claire’s phone wallpaper here

Vacation season

This month, Chelsea drew inspiration from the beauty of summer colours and the excitement of the summer holidays. “I aimed to create an illustration that evokes a sense of relaxation, fun, and vibrant energy.”

Her goal was to spark positive emotions and allow people to temporarily escape from their everyday lives. “Every time the viewer looks at their phone, they are transported to a tropical paradise – even if only in their imagination!”

Download Chelsea’s phone wallpaper here

Celebrating dads

Last but certainly not least, our production artist, Paul, designed a special wallpaper inspired by Father’s Day. However, this wallpaper takes a unique and colourful approach, perfect for the “cool dad” out there.

“I wanted to stay away from the more traditional Father’s Day imagery of beer, golf, etc. – and focus on the relationship aspect and create something a bit more colourful and unusual. More Dad’s day than Father’s day,” Paul shared.

To add an extra touch of warmth, Paul hand-drew the illustration before digitally assembling it. Is anyone else now craving ice cream?

Download Paul’s phone wallpaper here

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