When free pizza isn’t enough: vibrant company culture examples

Find out how brands use cool events to build a vibrant workplace culture.

Employee events.

Company culture has never been more important than it is today. With greater job fluidity and a high turnover rate, companies need to create a dynamic workplace culture where employees feel like they can thrive and are empowered to do their best work. In fact, this study reveals that those who feel connected to their organisation’s culture are 3.7x more likely to be engaged at work. 

Just look through job ads, and you’ll quickly see how many companies claim to offer a dynamic workplace culture. But how are companies actively investing in it beyond the free pizza on Fridays and the annual Christmas party?

Read on to discover vibrant company culture examples that engage their teams through unforgettable and unique experiences.

Google – The meditation chambers

Google created meditation chambers for their employees and it's a great company culture example.

[Image credit: dezeen]

Living in a fast-paced, digital-first world where we’re always switched on can have a draining effect on a team’s mental health. And that’s why Google, in partnership with the Office of Things, has created a series of five meditation chambers in their headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Employees can step away from meetings and screens and take some restorative time for themselves. Each soundproof room is designed to be used by one person at a time. Hypnotic, coloured lights and soft surfaces help ease workplace stress and encourage individuals to take a moment of rest. It’s the perfect place for meditation, breathwork, and other mindfulness practices (like journaling.) By carving out a dedicated space, Google is creating a culture where employee mental health and corporate wellness are a priority.  

The Heist – Chanel 

[Image credit: Laura Chouette

Culture should feel distinct to a company. Chanel used its new product launch as an opportunity to engage its employees. Their ‘who dunnit’ event was nothing short of thrilling. Chanel turned its Central London headquarters into a crime scene to build buzz for the launch of a new ladies’ fashion item. The main foyer was transformed with a plush yet partially smashed glass cabinet, surrounded by police investigation tape and forensic reports. Chanel’s latest fashion item had been ‘stolen’, and it was up to the staff to play detective and solve the mystery.

Over two weeks, staff members became detectives, examining clues and following leads to crack the case. The first person to find the criminal and locate the stolen item would win the debut piece of Chanel’s new collection. Forget typical office gatherings—this was a full-on immersive experience that offered a way to create some buzz within the team about the brand’s new product. 

The Carnival of Curiosity – LinkedIn 

Linkedin hosts events that are great  company culture examples.

[Image credit: Verve]

Another great company culture example is Linkedin. While most corporate events follow the same old format, LinkedIn’s Carnival of Curiosity, broke the mould. Taking place in a leafy park in London, this experiential event championed creativity, connection, and curiosity. Hosted by Verve, the carnival reunited LinkedIn Account Directors and their customers after years of virtual interactions due to the pandemic. Attractions included a grand entrance arch, stilt walkers, jugglers, and a steel drum band. 

Attendees enjoyed a variety of food stations, an open bar, and unique treats like nitro ice cream, branded fortune cookies and an edible fragrance parlor. Beyond the entertainment, the day was punctuated by inspiring, insightful, and empowering talks from the five keynote speakers. LinkedIn’s outside-the-box event demonstrates that you can engage your team in a truly memorable and culture-setting way – without a boardroom in sight. 

The House Party – Estee Lauder 

This house party event is just one of the outstanding company culture examples

[Image credit: Michael Discenza]

Estee Lauder recently hosted a spectacular evening event for its international team, transforming London’s Six Storeys in Soho into a vibrant, multi-floor house party. Each of the six floors at Six Storeys was converted into a unique experiential party room, like a kitchen, lounge, bedroom, garden, and treehouse. Attendees rotated through the different themed spaces, enjoying games and challenges like gin tasting and cocktail making in the kitchen, pub Olympics in the garden, and game shows in the lounge. The event is just one of the outstanding company culture examples, with attendees partying into the night with a DJ in the largest bar, making it an unforgettable experience. 

Gaming to Give Back – Netflix

Netflixe employee.

[Image credit: Netflix]

Netflix employees came together across three cities over two days to raise funds for Extra Life, a non-profit that supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through gaming marathons. Founded in 2008, Extra Life encourages volunteers to play video games, board games, or tabletop games while asking friends and family to donate. The funds go directly to 170 children’s hospitals across the U.S. and Canada, with more than $50 million raised so far. 

2018 donations helped buy Xbox One X consoles for every room so patients can play together even when isolated. The success of Extra Life at Netflix has brought together employees from different departments and locations.

Pride Bingo – MOO

At MOO we host a lot of company culture events.

At MOO, we love an in-house event, and our recent Pride Bingo was a hit. A fun twist on the classic game of bingo, it’s designed to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride and culture. Instead of traditional bingo numbers, the squares on the game cards are filled with LGBTQ+ themes, symbols, and terms. As these terms are called out, each player has to mark their cards, aiming to complete a row or pattern. 

It’s a perfect game for workplace diversity celebrations, as it offers a light-hearted way to bring teams together, promote inclusivity and even educate players about LGBTQ+ history and culture. MOO’s Pride Bingo was a hit, with Postcards, Stickers, and plenty of laughs to go around.

It all starts with a big idea 

Culture should be about more than bean bags and game rooms. It’s about coming together to celebrate, inspire, equip, and empower your team in creative and unforgettable ways. Whether you’re planning a charity bake-off, a summer festival, or a staff pool party, MOO adds a splash of creativity to all your events.

From print products to make your event more memorable to Branded Merchandise that you can give your staff as a memento, we can help bring your events to life. 

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