Mini Labels

From AU$7.69
(incl. GST AU$0.70)

Upload your logo, artwork, designs or photos – then use the any way you like. They’re perfect for packaging, sealing, promotions, marketing and more. Plus, our short print runs mean you can resell for specific clients and events and try out all your different ideas.

Mini Labels

90 mini labels bound into a pocket sized StickerBook. Printed on thick durable vinyl with a glossy finish. Put a different image on each one!

22mm or 0.86" square
90 Mini Labels for AU$7.69
(incl. GST AU$0.70)

Making Stickers is easy

  1. Upload or Browse: Upload your own image/artwork or choose from our designs.

  2. Customise: What colour cover would you like? There's six to choose from.

  3. Purchase Buy your Stickers, and we'll print, hand-pack and deliver them to your door!

Order a sample pack!

If you'd like to try before you buy, order a MOO sample pack!

We'll send you a pre-printed sample of every product: Business Cards (Original, Green, and Rounded Corners), MiniCards, Postcards, Greeting Cards, StickerBooks, Round Stickers, and Large Labels.

Sample of MOO cards

Essential Info

High quality print

The 90 postage stamp-sized mini stickers in our StickerBook are printed on thick, high quality vinyl. Photos and artwork print equally well, and the glossy finish makes the colours 'pop'!

There are 6 mini stickers per sheet. Perforated along one side, each sheet is easy to tear out and share.

How much?

90 AU$7.69
(incl. GST AU$0.70)
180 AU$15.38
(incl. GST AU$1.40)
360 AU$30.76
(incl. GST AU$2.80)
720 AU$61.51
(incl. GST AU$5.59)

What you could do with Labels

  • Stickers for branding

    Branding packaging

    Children's Photographer and marketing specialist, Robyn Pollman, creates unique packages for clients by customising off-the-shelf products. Using MOO Stickers to seal packages and bags she ensures everything is professionally branded.
  • Stickers can seal envelopes

    Sealing Envelopes with style

    Upload your photography direct to MOO and create the perfect set of Stickers for sealing special greetings. StickerBooks are also a great offering for your clients. A set of 90 different stickers is a great little extra from a wedding or event shoot.

StickerBooks: Stick 'em up!

Stickers. No matter how old you are, everyone still loves a good sticker! Custom stickers, kids stickers, promotional stickers, scrapbooking stickers, personalized stickers.... Stick 'em on your notebook, your laptop, your packaging, your gifts (or your forehead).

Our vinyl stickers are made online using your own designs or photography. You make all the decisions: pick out your favourite images - even the colour of the book they come in. Just like all our products, there's the option of 'Printfinity' - which means every single sticker in the book can be different.

Each sheet also has a perforated edge so they're great for tearing out and sharing. They're made to last too, with a scratch-proof glossy finish.

If you've been looking for a way to make your own photo stickers for every and any occasion, our StickerBooks are a neat, pocket-sized solution.

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