• By Animoto
  • 18 Jan 2011

As most of our tech-savvy customers and professional photographers already know, marketing and social media are completely symbiotic – you simply can't run an online business without harnessing the power of their never-ending reach to your advantage.

So if you're starting a new business, or want to breathe new life into the one you already have, why not check out our new partner Animoto's top tips for social networking.

Engage clients with a social media page

With over 500 million users, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Which means you can't afford to ignore it.

- Create a Facebook page for you or your company, and upload all your best landscape, portrait and wedding images.

- Why not produce a video showreel? Animoto make really great videos that start and end with your logo – so all you need to do is tag your clients.

- With any luck, you’ll be "liked" and subsequently recommended before you know it!

When in doubt – mail it out!

Believe it or not, you clients actually want to do your marketing for you – everyone loves to "discover" talent. Impress them enough with your work, and they'll be falling over themselves to forward it to their friends.

- Send a regular email newsletter updating existing clients of your work. It'll make them feel valued, so make sure you design it into something you'd be impressed by as well.

- Some wedding photographers will post photos and Animoto videos to Facebook of the happy couple's big day, as well as emailing them to clients. They'll email it to friends and family, and eager brides-to-be – or clients in waiting!

Keep your blog fresh, seasonal and up to date

Websites are like people – they need feeding or they'll die! Don't take the trouble to set up a website and then neglect it – nothing puts off a potential client more than the sight of a sadly outdated blog or last season's photos.

- Keep clients coming back to your blog or website by regularly updating and refreshing the style and content to fit relevant and seasonal looks. Dedicated readers and customers who like being "in the know" will check in frequently for new offers and specials, and you'll show them that you’re there to listen to their needs.

- Blogs are a really easy way to spread the word about what's new and exciting in your business. But remember - overly wordy posts tend to put people off so spice yours up with photos and image videos.

Want to make a showreel? Visit Animoto – they've got loads of styles to choose from!

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