What are MOO StickerBooks?

Basically, they're stickers in a cute little book.

Or to put it another way, they are pocket-sized books with 90 vinyl stickers, each one of a different photo or design. They are printed in full colour and with a scratch-proof gloss finish. They look fantastic.

Why are they in a book?

The book protects them and keeps them clean and neat, when they're stuffed in your pocket or bag.

How big are MOO stickers?

Each sticker is about the size of a stamp - 22mm square, with rounded corners.

The exact dimensions of the book itself are 117mm x 57mm. A book will comfortably fit into the back pocket of a pair of jeans.

When will I receive my stickers?

When you place your order we'll tell you the estimated arrival date, which will depend on the shipping method you choose. If you have a tight deadline, we highly recommend you choose a trackable shipping method. DHL Express is trackable; Royal Mail and DHL Standard are not trackable.

What are MOO stickers made of?

High quality glossy vinyl.

How much do MOO StickerBooks cost?

Please see the Cost & Discounts FAQ for up to date pricing information.

There's an extra page in my StickerBook, with stickers I didn't make. What's that?

That's our version of a packing slip. Every StickerBook comes with order information - things like the colour of the cover, the delivery destination, and the billing address. We could put that information on a packing slip like everyone else does, but we thought it would be more fun to turn it into stickers. That's what these stickers are. You haven't paid for them - think of them as a freebie on top of your order.

How sticky are the stickers?

Very sticky - although they should peel off most smooth surfaces quite easily. They're not designed to be re-stuck lots of times, though.

How durable are the stickers?

They are covered in a scratch-resistant laminate, so they stand up pretty well.

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