What is a Postcard if not - at its simplest - a friendly greeting? But its also versatile –an invite, a special offer, a voucher. However you use it, whatever outcome you’re looking for, it’s still essentially a greeting, so start with a cheery “hello” and take it from there!

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Sometimes, it’s not about what you do or whom you know – it’s about how friendly you are! A conversation between potential new partners in business (or anything!) starts with “hello”, so I created a colourful, diverse pack so you can warmly greet people with every single card!

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MOO Designs is a collaborative creative effort from the design team at MOO. All our designers have an individual style that we love, but are also brilliant at working as a team towards a single goal. We’ll give them any theme or idea, and they’ll meld their minds together to produce a series of beautiful card designs.

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