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Double-sided Business Cards

At its most basic, the function of a Business Card is a simple greeting – a memorable “hello” to new contacts and future clients. Of course, any entrepreneur or business owner wants to cast their net wide – so you’ll want to say hello in more than one language. Handy, aren’t they?

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Most businesses eventually venture away from their original startup country so these Business Cards are great for anyone who wants to be able to say hello in 5 different languages at any one time. That way, no matter where you are, you can pull out the appropriate greeting!

About the designer

Monika Koziol was MOO's senior graphic designer. She was raised in Poland, and graduated from London's Central Saint Martin College of Art with a BA in Graphic Design. Previously a freelance designer for publishing companies and charitable organizations, Monika loves everything simple and bold, and believes the definition of good design to be both sustainable and beautiful.

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