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A different design on every Business Card? Yes please! Get inspired by these mega-awesome designs.

Want to print your favorite work and carry a mini portfolio in your pocket? Or what about showing off your bestselling products to anyone, anywhere? Maybe you fancy getting creative with with name tags and labels for your next event or exhibition? No problem!

With Printfinity, you can put a different design on every Business Card, MiniCardPostcard, Flyer or Sticker in a pack. Good, eh? And, there’s no special option or secret handshake to learn – just start making – but before you do, get inspired by these awesome customer designs.


Nicole Mueller

Nicole is a visual artist and painter, currently based in San Francisco. She paints large abstract murals and colorful collages, that “celebrate order and chaos, dissolving boundaries, and worlds in flux.” Nicole has always been an artist and entrepreneur, working as a mural painter, college admission counselor, and in galleries and museums in the past.  She’s currently focusing on building a sustainable freelance career and hosts a podcast called Beyond the Studio alongside her studio practice which focuses on the business of art.

  • Nicole Mueller artwork
  • Nicole Mueller postcards
  • Nicole Mueller postcards
  • Nicole Mueller postcards in various designs

Nicole has taken 3 of her large-scale paintings from a recent series, shrinking them to create Postcards. She went for a matte finish on one side so that she could use the other for writing messages: “the space allows me to write a short note and I can also include my name and website info. I love that you can add a different image to the back of each Postcard – it helps others get a sense for the breadth of my work.”

  • Nicole Mueller postcard
  • Nicole Mueller postcard
  • Nicole Mueller postcard

As well as using her Postcards as thank you cards, Nicole pops one inside her packaging, along with the original painting: “they’re just like mini prints and I love them. I also keep them on display in my studio for  when I have visits, and make sure I’ve got them with me at shows – I love having something people can take away with them.”

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By Anna Bay

Anne van den Berg is an illustrator from the Netherlands. She creates “soft and sweet minimalistic worlds” out of paper and things she finds around the house. Anna aims to show that soft does not mean weak: “vulnerability is the source of all joy and small things can have the biggest impact.” Anna’s love for “little things” started from a young age: “I began making my own stamps, clothes for my barbie dolls, tiny clay figurines and mini collages.” She later went on to study illustration at the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost where this was propelled.

  • Anna Bay art in progress
  • Anna Bay art
  • Anna Bay bird artwork
  • Anna Bay seagull artwork
  • Anna Bay bike artwork
  • Anna Bay artwork
  • Anna Bay art

Since completing her studies, Anna has been working freelance and still focuses on making things as small as possible: “it comes naturally to me – I love the difficulty that creating small brings – it makes for the most beautiful flaws and really brings a design to life. And to top it all off, the concentration that’s required to make tiny objects puts me in a meditative state of pure joy. What more can you ask for while working?”

  • Anna Bay business cards with examples of artworks
  • Anna Bay business cards in various designs
  • Anna Bay business card
  • Anna Bay business cards

Anna prints a different design onto each of her Business Cards: “I always have a portable portfolio with me. People can pick a specific image that they like, which gets them involved and makes it feel like a gift – a few of my contacts are even collecting my Business Cards! I always get a really enthusiastic response from people when I show them my cards and I’m often asked where I got them from. I love the Original matte paper – I chose it the first time I made an order and it’s become a tradition now.”  

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Gordon Leverton

Gordon is a full-time mixed-media artist living in Hamilton, Ontario, “a former steel town in the heart of the rust belt.” After years of working in the music business, Gordon started working from home so that he and his wife could start a family and in between the feedings and naps, the genesis of Gordon’s art career began.

  • Gordon Leverton artwork
  • Gordon Leverton art

For Gordon, designing a painting is much like designing a building: “the first consideration is the composition – like the foundation for a building – if the composition isn’t strong, the rest will suffer.” He likes to “break down the city into component parts – shadows, buildings and skylines, all become part of the same plane and transform into pieces of a puzzle.

This method is reflected in the way Gordon designs his Business Cards too: “I like to dissect little strips of paintings to create new compositions.” When it comes to printing his cards, Printfinity is key for Gordon – he loves creating “limited print runs of certain designs” and being able to “showcase his portfolio at shows and events” and added “people find it hard to choose one design – I might have to start charging!”  

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