Let your cards work for you!

4th May 2010 by Fiona

A few weeks ago, we told you about Senior Cards and how popular they are. Today, Amy shares another tip with us, on how to find new customers by giving referral cards.

Amy also uses MOO to produce her own promotional packs of Business Cards showcasing portraits of a few select students with her own business details on the back. She then cleverly distributes these through student representatives at a range of high schools in her area.

    “I use these cards for a Senior Rep program. I pick between 2-3 juniors a year from different high schools before they graduate as my senior reps. They get two free sessions, one before they are done with school for the summer and one during summer or fall. They also get 25 Mini Senior Rep cards to pass out and promote my photography to their classmates and friends. I also give them the chance to get free prints and gift cards with every referral they give me. Senior Rep cards are very popular with custom photographers to help promote their business.”

In such a growing market, the possibilities for product derivatives are identified by Amy as a way of really developing the business potential of Senior Cards.

    “I have thought of using Postcards and possibly Stickers. I have Stickers that I use for my portrait packaging and they are so great, I thought of maybe adding them to either the Senior Rep program or as a gift for Senior Sessions. I was also thinking of using post cards as possible marketing tools to leave in popular areas such as local coffee shops, boutiques, and at schools.”

This tip can be applied to any type of photography or business. Here’s two other great examples we’ve spotted…

SJT Photo used MiniCards for her referral cards. With the option of 100 different images on the front, she’s able to create personalised messages for several clients in one go. Getting creative with gift bags and ribbons creates a professional touch, and makes a piece of self promotion feel like a special gift.

These Postcards were created by Sapphire Rain Photography. She ordered a pack of 20 Postcards, with 10 different images – two for each client. Keeping the Postcard style on the back, her clients could use these as a real postcard to send to friends, or pass them out to a family member. Taking the card to a photo session gets each new client a free print.

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  1. Jody:

    I did this with one of my senior settings this year. It was my stepbrother so I felt able to experiement with him. I printed 200 Mini MOO cards for him to hand out. On the back was his name, school & year with advertising for my photography blog & a “coupon” for next year’s seniors to receive 15% off portrait orders through March of next year. I thought he might be shy handing them out, but he absolutely couldn’t wait to pass them out to all his friends. Since that went over well, I’m going to do them with all of my shoots.

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