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Marriage and MOOnopoly

April 2007, by Denise | 9 Comments – latest by dogtired

Its that time of year again; dresses, flowers, champagne, tears… and running away from relatives you hardly ever see, because you don’t really like them. Yes! The wedding season is upon us.

We’re quite sentimental here really, and it’s nice to see MOO cards attending weddings on our behalf. Lucky couples have been making everything from save-the-date cards, to thank-you-for-coming cards, to cards for place settings.

This lovely shot was taken by Flickr user John*. Each guest at his wedding received a MOO card and a badge – which looks beautiful, and is a much nicer than the more traditional, tooth breaking sugared almonds.

So, if you’re having a MOO-style wedding, congratulations from the MOO team. We hope it all …Continue reading this article…

MOO meet-up: the details

April 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Roy

Our first San Francisco meet-up is taking place on Tuesday, May 8th, at 111 Minna Gallery.

Sign yourself up, and find out more details at the Upcoming MOO Meetup page.

And a big hello to everyone I met at FOWD in London. It was an interesting day and it’s been great to hear your feedback. Thanks for all your positive comments!

You stand, we deliver

April 2007, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Peter Theakston

Thanks for all the lovely comments we’ve received about the NoteCards, we’re really happy you like them. Before we went live, we asked a few MOO-sters to test them for us, just to make sure it was all working ok. We asked them not to post any pictures of them until we went live, which actually means we’re only just getting a look at their pictures now. And wow – what pictures! Here’s a quick round up, just to get you inspired.

Beautiful NoteCard made by ?ick Harris

Lovely shot of a card in action, by Cloughridge

Great illustrations by Elotopia

A shot of the bonus card by the_defiance

True to form, one of the younger …Continue reading this article…

Notecards are go!

April 2007, by Denise | 19 Comments – latest by Kaps

Moo’s new product, NoteCards is now officially live! We’re all very excited. A few lucky MOO-sters got to test them before today, and the feedback has been great, you can read some of the comments in our Flickr pool. We’ve worked really hard on this, so we hope you like them too.

Right, now lets get down to the hard facts – what are NoteCards, exactly?

Well, to put it bluntly, we miss mail. Not email – we get that by the bucketload – but real post. Post that isn’t a utility bill or something boring. So we dreamed up NoteCards – square prints made from up to 16 of your own photos or designs. They have a magic …Continue reading this article…

MOO meet-up in SF!

April 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Kevin-John Black

Yes, MOO are coming to San Francisco on 8th May, for our first official meet up! We’ll post more details as soon as we have them – but in the meantime, save that date, and start organising your outfits (and your cards), because we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Podcasts, eggs and lovely stuff.

April 2007, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by BIG scott

Richard M, our CEO and very own Man-In-Black, was in San Francisco last week. While he was there he caught up with blogger and podcaster Niall Kennedy, for a chat about MOO, printing and community. If you’d like to hear what was said, you can listen to the podcast here or read the blog post.

Richard also chatted with Daniel Terdiman, at CNET. There’s a little photo gallery, and a related blog post. People who’ve read our blog recently will spot a link to Splatgirl’s MooPockets in the article, which brings me neatly to my next point…

Two fantastic things combined: presents, and mail. SplatGirl sent me some MooPockets of my very own! …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s New Product

April 2007, by Richard | 18 Comments – latest by Shane

Hey Folks

At last! We’ll be releasing our shiny new product: ‘NoteCards’ at 3pm GMT on Wednesday 18th April 2007. Phew!

We’re all really excited about this and the fresh crop of other new ideas that will be coming out of MOO throughout 2007.

Be sure to check back on the 18th to get your hands on a set of NoteCards, we hope you like them as much as we do.


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