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A4 Letterhead

The saying ‘less is more’ clearly has some truth to it – just look at this Letterhead if you need proof. The minimalistic approach certainly packs a punch – a great choice if you have a no-nonsense approach to business. Use your Letterhead whenever you need to reach out to clients as it shows you’re not only professional, but that you care about the details too.


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What an apt name for this design! It’s a great design for those that love minimalism. Both the layout and the typeface, Helvetica – a modern classic – truly speak to the Modernist principle of 'less is more'.

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Jonathan Howells è un illustratore e designer senior con oltre 20 anni di esperienza. È il direttore creativo dell'ufficio di design multidisciplinare Dinnick & Howells, che annovera clienti del calibro di Levi Strauss, GlaxoSmithKline e Lindt. Si autodefinisce un fanatico del design, è autore di un blog sulla tipografia ed è ossessionato dalle infinite possibilità offerte dalle forme delle lettere.

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